Total cost of imported veterinary medicines amounted to 22 billion Rubles in 2016

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RNC Pharma presents the analytical review “Import of Veterinary Medicinal Products and Feed Additives to Russia” as of the end of December 2016

The total cost of imported veterinary medicinal products amounted to 22 billion rubles in 2016 (in prices set for release for free circulation). The total cost of imported feed additives and premixes amounted to another 9.3 billion rubles. While growth in demand for imported veterinary medicinal products is quite impressive, the year deliveries increased by 12.7% in rubles, growth of imported feed additives was much slower and amounted to 4.4% only.

During the last year, 23.9 million packages of veterinary medicinal products were imported to our country; the difference as compared to the previous year made 7.1%, which is significantly less than the cash volume growth. The situation with feed additives seems even worse: 2.6 mln packages were imported to our country in 2016; the changes as compared to the previous year are negative (-6.6%). This segment of the market is still recovering from consequences of the crisis, as price growth appears to be a serious barrier to the demand development.

It is characteristic that December 2016 clearly stands out from the multi-year seasonal pattern of supplies: on the one hand, the volumes of the veterinary medicinal products import observed during this month were pretty average, both in monetary and physical terms; on the other hand, the long-term rate of supply growth (as compared to December 2015) was minimal over the past three years, both in rubles and in packages.

MSD veterinary division is the absolute leader in supplies of veterinary medicinal products for 2016: this manufacturer managed to increase supplies by 20% in ruble terms and by 35% when calculating in packages. Alltech (USA) took the leading position among feed additives suppliers in the past year in terms of money, although its import volume dropped by 18% in cash and by 24% in packages over a year.

Changes in volumes of veterinary medicinal products and feed additives imported to Russia in January 2015 – December 2016, prices set for release for free circulation (including customs clearance), RUB

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