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Uzbekistan has agreed to build a pharma plant with Ukrainian manufacturer

Filya Zhebrovskaya, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Ukrainian enterprise Farmak, and Alisher Abdualiyev, Uzbek Ambassador to Ukraine, agreed on the construction of a new pharma plant.

Ukrainian pharma market is suffering from monopolies and oligopolies

Ukrainian health sector legislative base is still weak, and health reforms only just starting to kick in, experts say better regulation and a systematic approach to reform are still needed to nurse the sector back to health.

Ukrainian pharma manufacturers are concerned by National medicines list

Participants in the pharmaceutical market are concerned about a lack of transparency in the formation of the National List of Essential Medicines, as well as the definition of nosologies that it covers

Sanofi Aventis Ukraine will resort to International Investment Arbitration

Sanofi Aventis Ukraine LLC, part of Sanofi global pharmaceutical company, seeks to file a claim against Ukraine to the International Investment Arbitration.

InterChem from Ukraine localized its manufacturing at Viva Pharm in Kazakhstan

SLC InterChem (Odessa, Ukraine) localized, at the facilities of LLP Viva Pharm, a Kazakhstani company, the manufacturing of three medicinal products, which will be available in the market of Kazakhstan

Ukrainian Ministry of Health approves drug registration under simplified procedure

The State Expert Center for Registration of Medicines of the Ukrainian Ministry of Health gave a positive opinion on the registration of the first drug under a new simplified procedure

104 Indian pharmaceutical manufacturers confirmed their GMP compliance in Ukraine

As of early June a total of 104 pharmaceutical industrial sites from India confirmed their compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)