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Israeli Researches to Turn Skin Cells into Embryo Stem Cells

An Israeli study said on Wednesday that Israeli researchers have found a way to turn skin cells into embryo stem cells, which could lead to the creation of a complete embryo from skin cells. In the...

Russia to Grow in Stem Cell Field

The widespread global outreach potential of stem cell therapies is becoming apparent, especially given the recent news of a second person going into long-term remission (some saying “cured”) of HIV af...

Second Patient in Remission from HIV after Stem Cell Transplant

An HIV positive man in London has become the second person ever to be declared in remission from the virus. The case is a proof of the concept that scientists will one day be able to end AIDS, his ...

Sechenov and Karolinska’ Research in Stem Cell Field

The international research team found a stem-cell niche in the growing bones that allows to produce new cells. “The new mechanism of bone growth is based on a completely new principle of the stem-c...

End of First Patient’s Treatment in AIVITA’s Ovarian Cancer Trial

AIVITA Biomedical, Inc., a biotech company specializing in innovative stem cell applications, announced that its first patient has completed treatment in its multi-center Phase 2 ROOT OF CANCER ovaria...

Cellect Scaled Up Manufacturing of FasL

Cellect Biotechnology, a developer of a novel stem cell production technology, today announced it has concluded the scale-up development and manufacturing of clinical grade FasL in collaboration with ...

Japanese Company to Develop Type 1 Diabetes Cell Therapy

Japan’s Daiichi Sankyo has joined an open innovation research initiative that will try to develop a therapy for type 1 diabetes based on insulin-producing cells. The drugmaker has teamed up with To...

Bellicum Pharmaceuticals unveiled its first CAR-T candidate

Bellicum Pharmaceuticals, a leader in developing novel, controllable cellular immunotherapies for cancers and orphan inherited blood disorders, reported safety and promising activity of BPX-601.

Allele Biotech produced six iPSCs lines

San Diego-based company produces induced pluripotent stem cells with cGMP control from donors. After three years of cleanroom construction and two years of quality system establishment, Allele Biot...

Scientists from Sechenov University published a new study in stem cell therapy

Research team from Sechenov University published a review of treatment strategies involving mesenchymal stem cells that are used to combat the consequences of ischemic heart disease.

Axol Bioscience unveiled a new line of human iPSC-derived microglia

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Axol Bioscience (UK), the human cell culture specialist, is launching a new line of Human induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSC)-derived Microglia.

Evotec starts AI-driven drug discovery collaboration with Immuneering

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Evotec AG (Germany), a drug discovery alliance and development partnership company, announced that it has entered into a research collaboration with Immuneering Corporation (USA).

Plasticell receives EU funding to advance its research

Plasticell has announced that the Advanced Stem Cell Training Network, a European research consortium, has successfully bid for over €3,700,000 in funding from the European Union.

Roche and SQZ Biotech extend collaboration in stem cell therapy

SQZ Biotechnologies (SQZ), a cell therapy company developing novel treatments for multiple therapeutic areas, announced the expansion of its collaboration with Roche in cellular therapy.

Novo Nordisk sets up a GMP manufacturing facility in USA

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Novo Nordisk announced the establishment of a manufacturing site in Fremont, California (USA) to develop and produce stem cell-based therapies.

Heidelberg Pharma and Magenta Therapeutics prolongate a research cooperation

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Heidelberg Pharma announced that its partner Magenta Therapeutics exercises its option to further continue the development of an Antibody Targeted Amanitin Conjugate.