157 Russian License Holders Received GMP-Certificates

In anticipation of the Russian Investment Forum, today, in Sochi, the Healthy Life Forum has been started with its key topic being the system of universal health coverage aimed at achievement of the 7...

Workshop for Pharmaceutical Inspectorate in Moscow

A 3-day training workshop for experts of the pharmaceutical inspectorate with international participation has been started. The event has been organized by FSI «SID & GP» of Minpromtorg of Russia ...

New Pharmaceutical Enterprise Opened in Russia

On 07 February, in the Moscow region, the formal opening of a new facility of the «Obolenskoe» Pharmaceutical Enterprise (Serpukhov district, village Obolensk) was held. The manufacturing complex will...

Russian Experts Analyzed Risk in Validation Planning

At the end of January, FSI «SID & GP» and the Pharmstrategy company held a regular expert-advisory workshop within the joint program of promoting implementation of the best practices in the Russia...

SID&GP about MoU and Relatioship with UK

On January 29, the UK and Russia have signed a memorandum of understanding enhancing cooperation in the field of regulation of medicines. Radio Sputnik discussed the development with Nikolay Tsatsy...

Russia to Inspect British Pharma Manufacturers

The Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade’s State Institute of Drugs and Good Practices plans to inspect five British pharmaceutical manufacturers for compliance with GMP standards in 2019. That’s ac...

Demonstration and Training Center ACG Opened in Moscow

On 28 January, in Moscow, the demonstration and training center ACG Experience Studio was opened for representatives of the pharmaceutical industry. It is an opportunity to test the equipment for labe...

SID & GP summarized the work carried out over the past year

The results of the work by the GMP-inspectorate became the main topic of the meeting with representatives of the top Russian mass media held by the Director of the FSI 'SID&GP'.

EAEU’s pharma regulatory landscape was discussed at the VI All-Russia Congress

Participants of the VI All-Russia Congress "Pharmaceutical activities in Russia and the EAEU" discussed the regulatory framework of pharmaceutical activities in Russia and within the EAEU.

SID&GP to held a workshop on GMP requirements for API manufacturing

On 20-21 December, the State Institute of Drugs and Good Practices (FSI "SID&GP") jointly with Pharmstrategy Ltd. will held an open expert-advisory workshop "Requirements and Application of GMP Ru...

Indian pharma manufacturers had a meeting with Russian colleagues

The event was initiated by the Council for promoting the development of export by Indian pharma manufacturers with support from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of the Government of India.

Pharma market penetration of Russian drugs rose in the 1st half of 2018

Russian drugs penetration into the pharmaceutical market rose in the 1st half of 2018. This was presented to the participants of "Pharma CFO 2018" by Raziya Solodova.

‘SID & GP’ experts attended the VI international forum “Anti-counterfeit 2018...

The representatives of the State Institute of Drugs and Good Practices of Minpromtorg of Russia took part in the International Forum «Anti-counterfeit 2018» in Moscow (Russia).

Data integrity was discussed at the ‘Pharmtech & Ingredients’ exhibition

On 20 November, at the exhibition "Pharmtech & Ingredients", held in Crocus Expo (Moscow), the panel discussion on the topic "Data integrity management: key aspects" was organized.

‘RegLek-2018’ conference participants discussed issues in drug evaluation

On 19th November the scientific-practical conference 'RegLek-2018', was held in Moscow. Participants of the event discussed the modern approaches to drugs expert evaluation.

St. Petersburg hosts 8th annual forum “Life Sciences Invest. Partnering Russia”

life sciences forum
The VIII annual international partnering-forum "Life Sciences Invest. Partnering Russia" started in St. Petersburg. The first day of the Forum brought together nearly 650 people. The key discussion...