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Polpharma marks 10th anniversary of The Green Process Awards

Polpharma, the largest Polish manufacturer of pharmaceuticals, celebrates 10-year anniversary of The Green Process Awards, the initiative which collects people’s ideas to improve efficiency of our production processes.

Polpharma will invest 37 million dollars in Kazakhstan company Khimpharm

The key objectives for the fourth stage of the investment program implemented by Polpharma, an international group of companies, in 2018 – 2022 include the investments of 37 million dollars in the mod...

Chempharm opens a new shop to manufacture solid dosage forms

JSC Chempharm, the Republic of Kazakhstan, opened a new shop to manufacture solid oral medicines

Polpharma expands cooperation and strengthens its positions in Kazakhstan

Jerzy Starak
A Kazakhstan-Poland Economic Forum attended by the representatives from supreme bodies of both countries was held in Astana