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PHARMACOR PRODUCTION Ltd. – is a modern pharmaceutical production, Russian producer of wide range of pharmaceutical products and nutritional supplements on 3 production sites, located in St. Petersburg.

Company manufactures mainly brand-name generics of middle and low price category, and it is exactly that group of pharmaceutical drugs which is the largest in number of produced packs. Now the development of the company allows to widen the range and area of distribution significantly, which will no doubt have a positive influence on provision the population with quality medications at low price. It is more timely and will allow to fight faked medications which appear more often at the pharmaceutical market.

At the site for production of nutritional supplements we produce the supplements, aimed at prevention and complex therapy of various illnesses.

At the moment company produces sixteen items of nutritional supplements and cosmeceutics, which were developed by specialists on the basis of long-term medical research.

Pharmacor Production receives a 500 million ruble loan

Bank “Aleksandrovsky” provided three credit lines to Pharmacor Production for a total amount of 500 million rubles