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Growth Point for Pharmaceuticals is Formed in Russia

Today, the pharmaceutical industry in Russia needs a new incentive for development. Launched in 2009, the state industry support program Pharma 2020 gave a strong impetus to the development of the med...

EAEU’s pharma regulatory landscape was discussed at the VI All-Russia Congress

Participants of the VI All-Russia Congress "Pharmaceutical activities in Russia and the EAEU" discussed the regulatory framework of pharmaceutical activities in Russia and within the EAEU.

Sergey Tsyb: It’s important to support drug developers at the initial stage

The Russian government is actively discussing its Pharma 2030 program, which is primarily focused on the tools to support the development of new Russian-made medicines.

Kaluga pharmaceutical cluster shows growth and increase in localization level

According to the Governor of Kaluga region Anatoly Artamonov, Kaluga pharmaceutical cluster achieved significant results over the seven years of its existence.

Pharma-2030 will be set around development of substance manufacturing in Russia

The Russian pharmaceutical industry shows impressive results. As of January 1, 2018, Russian manufacturers registered 468 international nonproprietary names (INNs), or 84.2% of the total number of registered drugs.

Pharma 2030 already has its established priorities

The Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade began to discuss Pharma 2030 program, said Sergey Tsyb, the Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation