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Joint Stock Company National Immunobiological Company was founded on 29 October, 2013 as a Holding Company (an integrated entity) within Rostec State Corporation to operate in the area of immunobiological products development and production.
The holding was established to secure independence on imports for Russia’s healthcare and medicinal products supply system through the development of domestic production and science expertise. Prioritized products are immunobiological preparations and medicinal preparations for the treatment of infectious diseases.
Nacimbio’s mission is to ensure national sovereignty in manufacture and supply of medicinal products, medical supply that are not manufactured domestically, as the absence of their production poses a threat to the national healthcare security.

Russian-made Relatox botulinum toxin helps to treat hyperhidrosis

NPO Microgen, a part of Nacimbio holding company, completed the clinical trials to expand the indications for use of Relatox, a botulinum toxin type A.

NPO Microgen launches a production area for botulinum toxins

NPO Microgen, a subsidiary of Nacimbio holding company of Rostec Corporation, is launching a new modern production area to manufacture Relatox, the only Russian botulinum toxin type A

Anton Katlinsky says that Russia cannot wait in a queue to get the vaccines

Anton Katlinsky, the Advisor to the CEO of Nacimbio and the President of FORT, a biopharmaceutical company, discussed with other experts the scenarios for provision of vaccines to the Russian market

Nacimbio presents its key projects and new R&D

Nacimbio, a pharmaceutical holding company of Rostec Corporation, takes part in PharmMedProm-2017 exhibition held during the Russian Health Care Week

Nacimbio will invest 2.2 billion rubles in vaccine manufacturing

The Governor of the Ryazan region and the President of FORT LLC have signed an agreement to extend the provision of state support

Vaccination will become a driver of economic growth in the 21st century

Nikolai Briko, Doctor of Medical Sciences and Member of the Scientific and Technical Council of Nacimbio, said that this century is the age of vaccines

Nacimbio completes trials of pentavaccine with acellular pertussis component

National Immunobiological Company (Nacimbio) completed the clinical trials of the first Russian combined 5-component vaccine with acellular pertussis component

Nacimbio presents its new products at the international conference

Nacimbio presented to the scientific community the results of the study of epidemiological efficacy of the flu vaccines manufactured by the enterprises of the holding company.

Rostec wants to export medicines to Uzbekistan

Rostec Corporation intends to start exporting medicinal products and medical devices to the Republic of Uzbekistan

Transition to multicomponent preventive drugs is necessary

influenza vaccine
During the second BIOTECHMED conference, the representatives of Nacimbio participated in panel discussions on preventive vaccination and expansion of the National Immunization Calendar

Rostec will invest 3 billion rubles in the development of vaccines by 2020

Sergey Chemezov, the CEO of Rostec, said that, by 2020, the companies of this State Corporation will invest more than 6 billion rubles in the health care projects.

Only domestic vaccines will be used for free vaccination in Russia

The Ministry of Health will use only domestic vaccines for free vaccination of Russian citizens

Rostec will start to produce five new vaccines in the next five years

Oleg Yevtushenko, the Executive Director of Rostec Corporation, announced the plans to expand the national calendar of vaccinations by using new vaccines. Their manufacturing will be set up at the fac...

Moskhimpharmpreparaty may become a part of Nacimbio

Moskhimpharmpreparaty named after O.N. Semashko, one of the largest Russian state-owned pharmaceutical enterprises, may become a part of the National Immunobiological Company

Rostec and Marathon Group merge their pharmaceutical assets

This agreement is an example of public-private partnership and aims at attracting additional technological competencies and investments to develop the key areas of Russian pharmacology

Microgen was the first to confirm genetic stability of Russian vaccine

mikrogen vaccine
NPO Microgen was the first among the Russian manufacturers to confirm the stability of the vaccine virus strain and the quality of manufacturing of Russian-made tick-borne encephalitis vaccines at the gene level in accordance with WHO recommendations