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Russia increases its budget for antiretroviral drugs by 20% in 2018

The Russian Ministry of Health wants to prevent disruptions in the supplies of antiretroviral drugs. This year, the budget of the Ministry allocated 21.6 billion rubles for this purpose.

Prices for medicines from VED List declined in Russia by 1.8% over the year

According to the officials of the Russian Ministry of Health, the medicines from VED List become less expensive as a result of government regulation and price monitoring in this category

Russia approves the mechanism for introducing the medicines into circulation

A draft federal law on the introduction of medicinal products for human use into civil circulation was prepared by the Russian Ministry of Health

Cardiome Pharma brings Aggrastat to Russian market

Cardiome Pharma announced that its affiliate Correvio has entered into an exclusive license and distribution agreement with ZAO Firma Euroservice

Russian Ministry receives authority to approve drugs for circulation in EAEU

The Russian Government amended the Statute of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

Five unique cancer drugs are undergoing clinical trials in Russia

The Russian Ministry of Health conducts the clinical trials of five unique drugs for the treatment of oncological diseases

Clinical trials of drugs for autoimmune diseases and cancer soon to start in Russia

Clinical trials of about 30 new medicinal products for the treatment of cancer, autoimmune and hereditary diseases are expected to start in the Russian Federation

30 major drugs against HIV infection are registered in Russia

The cost of drugs for the treatment of patients with HIV infection has decreased by half in eighteen months, said the Russian Health Minister Veronika Skvortsova

Only domestic vaccines will be used for free vaccination in Russia

The Ministry of Health will use only domestic vaccines for free vaccination of Russian citizens

Russian authorities proposed to introduce liability for false drug prices

The Russian Ministry of Health proposed to introduce administrative liability for false information provided during the state registration/re-registration for vital and essential drugs

Russia developed a strategy to prevent the spread of antimicrobial resistance

The Russian Ministry of Health has developed and submitted to the Government of the Russian Federation a Strategy for the Prevention of the Spread of Antimicrobial Resistance

Russian Ministry published the list of drugs from VED list for price re-registration

The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation published a draft order “On approval of the list of reference drugs from the list of vital and essential drugs.”

Russian Ministry was instructed to reduce the period for examination of painkillers

According to the list of instructions of Russian President the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation must, by the end of October, reduce the period for expert examination of painkillers

First labeled drugs go on sale in retail pharmacies in Russia

marked drugs
The first lot of labeled medicinal products went on sale in some pharmacies, and the first labeled drug sold at retail was Omez.

Russian Court restricts the authority of FAS for interchangeability of drugs

Today, the procurement of drugs is regulated by the Federal Law FZ-44, under which the state customer has the right to specify INN of the drug and other "product characteristics" in the description of the lot

Russian Ministry of Health considers using unregistered Russian-made drugs

Russian citizens may be allowed to receive free medical treatment with unregistered drugs