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Microgen receives a 1.5 billion ruble loan

Novikombank will provide a 1.5 billion ruble loan for a period of three years to NPO Microgen, a part of Nacimbio Holding Company of Rostec Corporation

Vaccination will become a driver of economic growth in the 21st century

Nikolai Briko, Doctor of Medical Sciences and Member of the Scientific and Technical Council of Nacimbio, said that this century is the age of vaccines

Nacimbio completes trials of pentavaccine with acellular pertussis component

National Immunobiological Company (Nacimbio) completed the clinical trials of the first Russian combined 5-component vaccine with acellular pertussis component

Nacimbio presents its new products at the international conference

Nacimbio presented to the scientific community the results of the study of epidemiological efficacy of the flu vaccines manufactured by the enterprises of the holding company.

Transition to multicomponent preventive drugs is necessary

influenza vaccine
During the second BIOTECHMED conference, the representatives of Nacimbio participated in panel discussions on preventive vaccination and expansion of the National Immunization Calendar

Microgen was the first to confirm genetic stability of Russian vaccine

mikrogen vaccine
NPO Microgen was the first among the Russian manufacturers to confirm the stability of the vaccine virus strain and the quality of manufacturing of Russian-made tick-borne encephalitis vaccines at the gene level in accordance with WHO recommendations

NPO Microgen strengthens its control over manufacturing of TB vaccines

For the first time in Russia the Scientific and Production Association “Microgen”, a part of Nacimbio holding company, has implemented the control over the manufacturing of TB vaccines

New technology will make vaccines quality control in Russia 300 times faster

National Immunobiological Company (Nacimbio) introduces a new technology to control the quality of anti-TB vaccines that cuts the period of procedure from one month to 1.5 hours. The technology is dev...

Russian botulinum toxin confirmed its compliance with quality requirements

Relatox, the first and only one Russian-made botulinum toxin manufactured by Nacimbio holding company, a part of Rostec Corporation confirmed its compliance with the requirements of the state expert e...

Nacimbio produce more than 70% of required immunization medicines

National Immunobiological Company presented its immunobiological products at all-Russian forum and exhibition "State Order – For Fair Procurement". Nacimbio plants produce more than 70% of the volume ...

Nacimbio starts clinical trials of the first Russian meningococcal vaccine

clinical trial
NPO Microgen, part of the National Immunobiological Company, has begun Phase I clinical trials of the first Russian polysaccharide meningococcal vaccine against serotypes A and C. The preclinical stud...

Microgen is ready to market a unique bacteriophage

Combined bacteriophage preparation "Enterobacter multivalent purified" intended for treatment and prevention of infections caused by Enterobacter species has successfully passed the phase II clinical ...

Medicines of the XXI century

The cytomedines production site, filling and capping line. Research and production association (NPO) "Microgen", a branch in Ufa, the company "Immunopreparat"
Report from the cytomedines production site of pharmaceutical company "Immunopreparat". Many of us have heard about cytomedines - a special class of medicines, the peptide bioregulators. They carry t...