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Microgen – Russian pharmaceutical company.

Federal State Scientific-Industrial Company MICROGEN is the largest company in Russian medical industry that holds leadership in development and production of immunobiological preparations, diagnosticums and drugs.

Consortium MICROGEN was founded in May, 2003 in order to create a competitive enterprise in the field of medical immunobiology that could ensure the implementation of national programs of biological and epidemiological security, development of domestic biotechnological industry in accordance with international standards of drug production and practical application of new and highly effective preparations.

Subsidiaries that were amalgamated within the MICROGEN have a history that is more than a hundred years long. They were created on the basis of Pasteur centers and laboratories that conducted studies in the field of immunobiology.

At present Federal State Scientific-Industrial Company MICROGEN is a modern enterprise that holds leadership position in the domestic pharmaceutical industry. Production output for MICROGEN in the year 2013 was more than US$150m.

The company steadily widens the shipping geography of its immunobiological products: they go to the CIS countries (Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Byelorussia, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia), Mexico, Mongolia, Vietnam, India. A number of countries of Africa, South-East Asia and Latin America are conducting talks concerning future cooperation.

MICROGEN Consortium in active cooperation with leading Russian and foreign research centers is working on designing and application to production development of the unique innovations in immunobiology and biotechnology.

In collaboration with leading Russian scientists the company is striving to develop and manufacture new high-quality preparations, modern pharmaceutical forms.

MICROGEN specialists participate in international research projects including WHO programs for eradication of natural smallpox, measles, rubella, tuberculosis, whooping cough, diphtheria, tetanus, avian flu, etc.

At present more than 15 novel preparations are being prepared for commercial production, e.g. new influenza, smallpox and tick-borne encephalitis vaccines, associated DTP vaccine, hepatitis B vaccine, hemophilic infection vaccine, mumps, measles and rubella vaccine, avian flu vaccine, cell-depleted pertussis vaccine, staphylococcal-proteus-pseudomonas aeruginosa vaccine (SPPA-vaccine) and others.

The Russian government will fund the reconstruction of Microgen

The Russian government decided to provide a subsidy from the federal budget to NPO Microgen for the reconstruction and technical re-equipment of its production facilities for influenza vaccines in 2018-2021.

Russia completed development of a highly effective combined vaccine

Microgen completed development of combined vaccine against measles, rubella and mumps. Vactrivir will be the first Russian combined drug providing protection against three dangerous diseases.

Output by NPO Biomed immunobiological products exceeded 6 million packages

NPO Biomed, the largest developer and manufacturer of immunobiological products in the Perm Krai, an affiliate of NPO Microgen of Nacimbio Holding Company, part of Rostec Corporation, marked its 120th anniversary.

New Microgen drug will allow to treat cerebral palsy

NPO Microgen of Nacimbio holding company, a part of Rostec, has completed the studies on new indications for the use of Relatox, a drug for the treatment of spastic forms of cerebral palsy (CP) in patients aged 7-12 years old.

Microgen developed live influenza vaccine for children in the form of spray

The new product of NPO Microgen, a subsidiary of Nacimbio pharmaceutical holding company (a part of Rostec Corporation), is the first Russian live influenza vaccine in liquid form that does not require intramuscular injections.

Nacimbio supplied more than 1 million doses of TBE vaccine

In January - May 2018, Nacimbio, a pharmaceutical holding company of Rostec Corporation, has supplied to all regions of Russia more than 1 million doses of vaccines for prevention of tick-borne encephalitis (TBE).

Microgen increased its medicines output by 16%

NPO Microgen, a subsidiary of Nacimbio (part of Rostec Corporation), published its results for 2017. The company's revenue reached 7.7 billion rubles.

Researchers from Microgen developed the universal capsule bacteriophage

NPO Microgen of Nacimbio, a part of Rostec Corporation, has developed a universal medicinal product that allows to take just one capsule instead of the entire set of traditional antimicrobial agents against infectious diseases.

Microgen will complete trials of antibacterial drug by the end of 2018

Unlike antibiotics, new bacteriophage has a targeted action and can be safely used to treat special categories of patients, including pregnant and lactating women, as well as newborns.

Microgen produced 10% of its total blood products with the support of donors

In 2017, the collection of donor blood in Nizhny Novgorod allowed NPO Microgen, a subsidiary of National Immunobiological Company of Rostec Corporation, to produce more than 70 thousand packages of blood products in Russia.

Russian company starts phase 2 clinical trials of its meningococcal vaccine

clinical trials
NPO Microgen has begun phase 2 clinical trials of the first Russian polysaccharide meningococcal vaccine to prevent diseases caused by Neisseria meningitidis serogroups A and C, including meningitis and meningococcemia.

Russian-made Relatox botulinum toxin helps to treat hyperhidrosis

NPO Microgen, a part of Nacimbio holding company, completed the clinical trials to expand the indications for use of Relatox, a botulinum toxin type A.

NPO Microgen launches a production area for botulinum toxins

NPO Microgen, a subsidiary of Nacimbio holding company of Rostec Corporation, is launching a new modern production area to manufacture Relatox, the only Russian botulinum toxin type A

Rostec starts digital labeling of medicinal products manufactured at its plants

As part of the drug labeling project, NPO Microgen of Nacimbio holding company, a part of Rostec Corporation, has completed the initial pilot stage

NPO Microgen cerebral palsy drug is in no way inferior to foreign analogs

NPO Microgen has completed the clinical trials of the first Russian botulinum toxin-based drug for the treatment of spastic forms of cerebral palsy

Nacimbio presents its key projects and new R&D

Nacimbio, a pharmaceutical holding company of Rostec Corporation, takes part in PharmMedProm-2017 exhibition held during the Russian Health Care Week