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MSD Plans to Register Four New Medicinal Products in the Russia in the Аirst Рalf of 2020

“The highlight is really the acceleration of access to our innovation. We always have provided and registered our products here, but this year was truly a leap year. We registered for example four pro...

Roche and R-Pharm Agreed to Localise Okrevus® Production in Russia

Roche and R-Pharm Group signed an agreement on the localization of okrelizumab (Okrevus®) production in Russia. The signing ceremony took place during the opening of the IV All-Russian GMP-conference ...

Gilead Sciences Expands Partnership with Pharmstandard for Drug Localization

UfaVita Factory
Gilead Sciences pharmaceutical company announced the expansion of the partnership with Pharmstandart in the sphere of the localization of medicines production for the treatment of socially important d...

Offset contracts became a new tool to support manufacturing localization in Moscow

Pharmaceuticals and medical products are the priority areas for localization of production in the capital of Russia.

Twelve production lines will be constructed in Moscow

The second offset contract for the supply of medicines will be concluded with LLC R-Opra, providing for the reciprocal investment obligations of the supplier-investor.

Singapore company RV Healthcare intends to localize in Uzbekistan

First Deputy Chairman of the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Investments, Sunatulla Bekenov, held a meeting with representatives of the Singapore company RV HEALTHCARE PTE. LTD.

Nacimbio completed Phase I clinical trials of the rotavirus vaccine

Nacimbio has completed the first phase of clinical trials of the rotavirus vaccine. The new drug will be packaged in Russia in 2020 already, while the full production cycle will be launched in 2026.

Gilead localizes the production of hepatitis C and HIV drugs in Russia

According to the agreement Pharmstandard production facilities will manufacture Sovaldi® for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C and Truvada® for the treatment of HIV.

Takeda launches production of the Ixazomib in Yaroslavl

The global pharmaceutical company Takeda announces the opening of a production site at its plant in Yaroslavl for manufacturing Ixazomib, an innovative drug for patients with multiple myeloma.

PIK-PHARMA localized full-cycle manufacturing of Magnerot

PIK-PHARMA has successfully localized full-cycle manufacturing of Magnerot, a popular drug of WÖRWAG Pharma GmbH from Germany, at the facilities of PIK-PHARMA LEK site.

Belarus will help to organize pharma manufacturing in Tajikistan

By the end of this year, Belarus and Tajikistan may elaborate a roadmap to establish joint ventures in the pharmaceutical industry, announced Oleg Ivanov, the Ambassador of Belarus in Tajikistan and Afghanistan.

Servier and the Government of Kazakhstan agreed on cooperation

Servier, a French pharmaceutical company, and National Company KAZAKH INVEST JSC have signed an agreement on cooperation in the area of pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Kirov pharma cluster participants explored biotech development in France

The delegation of the government of the Kirov region visited the Lyonbiopôle in France, which is largest pharmaceutical cluster in the world.

AbbVie and R-Pharm will launch the full-cycle manufacturing of Kaletra in Russia

AbbVie, a global research biopharmaceutical company, and R-Pharm Group announced the completion of technology transfer for manufacturing Kaletra intended for treatment of HIV/AIDS infection in adult patients.

French company will set up a production of innovative medicines in Kazakhstan

At the meeting on global investments held in Astana, the companies of Kazakhstan signed 32 commercial documents for the total amount of $4.7 billion.

ABISS intends to localize manufacturing of medical devices in Russia

ABISS, the French company, a manufacturer of implants, together with the Federal Corporation for the Development of Small and Medium Enterprises, prepared a "road map" for manufacturing localization of its products in Russia.