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GEROPHARM Group is a dynamically growing company engaged in development and production of high-quality Russian innovative medicines, investing in technological development and setting up of a modern pharmaceutical infrastructure including construction of the high-tech state-of-the-art industrial complexes.
GEROPHARM-Bio plant is designed as a flexible technology platform, which allows to produce various recombinant proteins. In 2014 GEROPHARM opened a new biotech laboratory unit in the R&D center in the Neudorf special economic zone in St. Petersburg to further strengthen and speed up development of biological products. The company is focused on development of crucial knowledge-based technologies – those of high social importance thus contributing to the drugs’ safety of the country.
The path from an idea to successful pharmaceutical brand calls for the latest scientific achievements, internal expertise and best world practices. Mission and values which are built on the sound foundation of impeccable quality, professionalism, shared responsibility, innovation and openness are important advantages of GEROPHARM in the highly competitive pharmaceutical market.

GEROPHARM LLC – corporate headquarters: defines business development strategy, oversees manufacturing, sales and marketing of its drug products. It has registration in 14 countries and is present in all subjects of the Russian Federation

GEROPHARM-Bio – a modern GMP-certified manufacturing site where the production of protein drugs (recombinant human insulin) is done on a full-cycle basis: from substance to a finished filled drug form

Pharm-Holding – an R&D center which is involved in all aspects of drug development: from discovery to clinical programs and marketing authorisation. 2 projects are funded by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.

Geropharm Will Offer Cheaper Insulin Glargine in Russia

Geropharm will register the lowest maximum selling price of insulin glargine on the Russian market – 2428.69 rubles per pack of RinGlar® (100 Units / 1 ml) in 3 ml RinAstra® disposable syringe pens. T...

GEROPHARM becomes the first Russian pharma manufacturer to sign a SPIC

gerofarm SPIC
A special investment contract was signed at the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade between the Russian Federation, the city of St. Petersburg and GEROPHARM

GEROPHARM is the first in Russia to conduct clamp studies of insulin biosimilars

GEROPHARM research center located in Strelna Special Economic Zone is engaged in a full cycle of advanced insulin drugs development

Novartis, Geropharm and Orion Medic plan to start industrial-scale manufacturing

Novartis, Geropharm and Orion Medic plan to start commercial serial production of some of their medicinal products and equipment in St. Petersburg before the end of this year

Geropharm will be able to manufacture 1000 kg of substances a year

The development of substance manufacturing in the Russian Federation is one of the priority objectives set by the Russian government for the pharmaceutical industry.

Five state contracts for insulin development are being implemented in Russia

russia national health
Olga Makarkina, the Head of the Pharmaceutical Industry Development Department at the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, told reporters that the percentage of domestic manufacturers on the Russ...

The Ministry of Health visited GEROPHARM’s R&D center

The Deputy Health Minister of Tatarstan F. Yarkaeva together with the Head of the Department for Organization of Work of Pharmaceutical Agencies and Enterprises under the City Administration’s Health ...