EGIS – Hungarian pharmaceutical company, one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Central and Eastern Europe. The company’s activities extend to all areas of the pharmaceutical industry on research and development to production of active substances and finished products for sale. Headquartered in Budapest, Hungary. “EGIS” is the second company in the Hungarian pharmaceutical market after “Richter” company.

EGIS APIs and drugs are developed and produced at three production sites. Over more than one hundred years that have passed since the foundation of our company in 1913, Egis has grown into an internationally renowned company with about 4300 employees worldwide. EGIS successes have been established by company’s founding CEO, the pharmacist Sándor Balla, who laid great emphasis not only on manufacturing high-quality products but on the export and R&D as well, which ensured its continuous growth.

To this day, these are the key pillars of Egis’ development. Company devotes a regionally outstanding amount to research and development in 2015/2016 financial year it totalled 43 million euro. In the past years EGIS have renewed and significantly increased our innovation capacities. At each of our three production sites company constructed R&D centers, where high value added – e.g. combination – products are developed providing modern, cost-effective therapies for the patients.

Company’s products are sold to 58 countries and 80% our 536 million euro turnover derived from export. Besides Hungary, EGIS sell its products under the brand name in 17 countries through its network of subsidiaries and representative offices. EGIS drugs acting on the cardiovascular, central nervous and respiratory systems account for two-thirds of our turnover and we continuously open towards new areas. In 2013 Egis launched Europe’s first biosimilar monoclonal antibody and it is our strategic goal to become a key player in the biosimilar therapies’ segment.

EGIS expands portfolio of gynecology and dermatology products in Russia

The agreement with the Croatian company Jadran (JGL) to purchase the drug D-Panthenol and a number of gynecology products enables EGIS to offer high-quality products to Russians, which is aimed to sup...