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“Percentage” preferences will provide incentives to localize manufacturing

Rachik Petrosyan, the Deputy Head of the Russian Antimonopoly Service (FAS), said that his agency views the presence of foreign suppliers as a tremendous benefit for the Russian market

Percentage of Russian-made drugs in healthcare procurement reached 72.4% in Q1

According to the hospital audit of Russian pharmaceutical market conducted by DSM Group, 203.9 million packages of medicinal products worth 45.9 billion rubles were purchased for healthcare facilities in Q1 2017

Public procurement catalog of the Russian Federation will be updated in June, 2017

Russian President Vladimir Putin approved the list of assignments following a meeting with members of the Government held on April 12, 2017. Among other assignments, the Government of the Russian F...

Russia amends its law on the contract system in procurement

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the Federal Law “On Amending Articles 30 and 34 of the Federal Law On Contract System in Procurement of Goods, Works and Services for Government or Municipal Ne...

Kazakhstan to eliminate preferences for national suppliers of medicinal products

At its meeting on April 28, the Council of the Eurasian Economic Commission discussed the elimination of barriers and restrictions that impede the free movement of goods and services on the internal m...

Russia amends the procurement of medicinal products for orphan diseases

The Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev signed the Decree No. 457 of April 17, 2017, which allows to supply the medicinal products to organizations licensed for medica...

Generium and Shire established a joint venture

Generium, a Russian pharmaceutical company, established a joint venture (SG Biotech) with Shire, an Irish corporation. New partners already control about 70% of the government procurement market of dr...

Pharmasyntez and Biocad are in top 10 Russian hospital procurement manufacturers

According to the hospital audit of Russian pharmaceutical market conducted by DSM Group, in 2016, 882.2 million packages of medicinal products worth 221.9 billion rubles were purchased for hospitals i...

A project on procurement of high-cost drugs starts in the Russian regions

The project is planned for implementation in Moscow, Moscow region and Kaluga region. 18 manufacturers have expressed their willingness to participate in the project. 13 offers from 8 companies have b...

“Business Russia” supports the proposal of FAS to modify “odd man out” rule

Russian Public Organization “Delovaya Rossiya” ("Business Russia") supports the proposal of the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) to abolish the prohibitive principle of the “odd man out” rule in the...

2017 sets a milestone of great changes for Russian pharmaceutical industry

Mikhail Murashko, Head of Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare, took part in a breakfast briefing held at Russian Federal Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He told about the routine of pharm...

Rostec will be the only contractor for development of procurement system

The Russian Government has chosen Rostec Corporation to be the only contractor of Federal Treasury for development and maintenance of the Unified Information System of Procurement (UISP) in 2017–2018....

Pharmaceuticals requiring complex synthesis set a promising niche in Russia

It seems like pharmaceutical Russia has already found its niche, at least the most promising national manufacturers get concentrated on development and marketing of highly-tailored medicinal drugs int...

A cartel agreement in public procurement of medicinal drugs was uncovered by OFAS

Moscow OFAS exposed a cartel in more than 100 auctions fort the total amount over 414 million RUB In January 2017, the Office of the Federal Antimonopoly service in Moscow recognized a cartel forme...