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All medicinal products on the Russian market will be labeled within 6 years

All medicinal products available on the Russian market will be labeled within 6 years and will not be allowed to circulate in the market after the expiration of that period.

Russian Federal Tax Service ready to launch a drug labeling experiment in June

“An experiment on labeling the medicinal products will be launched in June,” announced Andrey Baturkin

Russian standards of drug labeling system are not different from European ones

The standards of the national labeling system in Russia are not different from those used in Europe, as the international standards are used in the pilot labeling project.

R-Pharm releases first batch of medicines with protective labeling

On March 14, ORTAT, a pharmaceutical plant of R-Pharm Group, released the first batch of Herceptin, a medicine, with DataMatrix code. 2D code on the package of the medicinal product fully complies wit...

BIOCAD launches a drug labeling information system

In mid-March, BIOCAD, a biotech company, launched in operating mode a Track&Trace system for its three products. This is a pilot project implemented as part of the experiment to label certain medi...

Equipment for labelling drugs will not cost more than 150,000 euros

The cost of equipment required for labelling drugs on one production line of a pharmaceutical plant does not exceed €150,000. This was reported in an interview with TASS by Dmitry Morozov, General Dir...

Labeled drugs will appear in Russian pharmacies in June 2017

labelled drugs
Implementation of the pilot project on barcode labeling of medicines for consumers protection from substandard and counterfeit drugs is being conducted in accordance with the schedule, and the marked ...

Guidelines for participants of the drug labeling pilot project were issued in Russia

The Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare has published guidelines for participants of the pilot project on drug labeling with control (identification) signs (CIS) and monitoring of certain t...

Special Investment Contract will bring the investments to pharmaceutical industry

On February 8, Victor Dmitriev, Director General of Association of the Russian pharmaceutical manufacturers addressed at the meeting of the Health Care Committee hosted by the Franco-Russian Chamber o...

EEC suggests labeling drugs that cost more than 500 rubles with RFID-chips

The idea to label only expensive drugs with special marks was discussed by the Eurasian Economic Commission in January at the working meeting with the business communities of Belarus, Kazakhstan and K...

The total share of experimentally labeled medicines will reach 10% of the Russian medicine market

Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare of the Russian Federation (also known as Roszdravnadzor) has published data related to the experiment aimed to control labeling (identification) signs and to monitor circulation of certain types of drugs for medical use.