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Development of vaccines can be simplified into two broad stages:
1. Pre-clinical development is research carried out in lab assays and on animals. It includes:
– Identification (discovery) of relevant antigens (e.g. screening)
– Creation of the vaccine concept
– Evaluation of vaccine efficacy in test tubes and animals
– Manufacture of the vaccine to Good Manufacturing Practice standards
2. Clinical development is when the vaccine is first tested in humans. It covers four stages over several years, from initial clinical trials in humans (phase I) right through to introduction and beyond (phase IV). Clinical development is built on rigorous ethical principles of informed consent from volunteers, with an emphasis on vaccine safety as well as efficacy.

Four Novel Coronavirus Vaccines are Currently Being Developed

Human trials for one or two of the most promising vaccine candidates could begin in three or four months, WHO chief scientist Soumya Swaminathan said. She added that WHO experts, who gathered for a...

Clover Is the First Company in the World to Disclose a 2019-nCoV Vaccine Candidate

Clover Biopharmaceuticals, a global clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on developing novel and transformative biologic therapies, announced today that it has successfully produced its trimer...

Biopharma Companies Unveiled its “multi-pronged” Response Coronavirus

As the novel coronavirus spreads around China and beyond, biopharma companies are responding with new R&D programs, donations and measures to protect employees. So far, the virus has infected more...

The Key Trends and Events Shaping the Vaccines Space in 2020

Looking to the horizon for 2020, Michael Breen, Associate Director of Infectious Diseases, and Philipp Rosenbaum, Infectious Diseases Analyst, at leading data and analytics company GlobalData, comment...

GSK Licenses Tuberculosis Vaccine Candidate to the Gates MRI

GSK announced that it has licensed its M72/AS01E tuberculosis disease (TB) vaccine candidate to the Gates MRI, paving the way for continued development and potential use of the vaccine candidate in lo...

MSD and 4D Pharma to Develop Biotherapeutic Products for Vaccines

4D pharma plc, a leading pharmaceutical company in the development of live biotherapeutics, announces that the company has entered into a research collaboration agreement and an option license to use ...

Rostec Completed Clinical Trials of First Russian Vaccine for Rotavirus Infection Prevention

Natsimbio holding of Rostec State Corporation has completed clinical trials and is preparing to submit documents for registration with the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation of the first dom...

Development of Micromotors for Oral Vaccines Delivery

Researchers have developed a method of using micromotors to deliver oral vaccines in an attempt to break away from widely used injections. Millions of lives around the world have been saved through...

WuXi Biologics entered into partnership with AC Immune

WuXi Biologics and AC Immune SA announced the first steps of an exclusive strategic collaboration that covers biologics discovery, development and manufacturing.

Researchers conducted first trial of personalized vaccine for brain cancer

personalized medicine
Clinical study demonstrates proof-of-concept of the Glioma Actively Personalized Vaccine Consortium approach in a pioneering multi-center, multi-national study co-funded by the European Union.

MSD and Instituto Butantan to collaborate on dengue vaccine

MSD and Instituto Butantan, a non-profit producer of immunobiologic products announced a collaboration agreement to develop vaccines against dengue virus disease, the mosquito-borne infection.

Genetic Immunity presented its immunotherapy platform in Russia

clinical trials
Genetic Immunity announced that it was invited to present at the first Russian-Chinese HIV Congress in Moscow (Russia).

Scientists created a temperature-stable polio vaccine

lab research
Researchers from The Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California (USA) have developed a polio vaccine that doesn’t require refrigeration.

Seqirus seeks European approval for its influenza vaccine

Seqirus, a global leader in influenza prevention, announced that its cell-based quadrivalent influenza vaccine has received a positive opinion from the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

DNAtrix and Valo Therapeutics to develop a novel vaccine for cancer therapy

DNAtrix (USA) and Valo Therapeutics (Finland) announced an exclusive R&D collaboration to develop enhanced vaccines using DNAtrix's clinical stage viruses and Valo's antigenic peptide technology.

US scientists reports of promising studies on peptide-based cancer vaccine

The peptide-based vaccine targets specific enzymes called metalloproteinases (MMPs) that are necessary for any cancer to grow tumors, metastasize, and form blood vessels in tumors (angiogenesis).