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Cytomedines are highly purified thin-stranded nuclear proteins. When cytomedines are obtained, the corresponding animal organs and tissues are homogenized and subjected to severe acid hydrolysis, which deeply destroys the cellular structures. Further, protein fractions are isolated from the hydrolyzate, into which nuclear regulatory peptides enter.
Cytomedins began to be produced in the early 70’s, and Timalin, a drug based on the thymus (an appendage of the brain), which regulates human immunity, became the first. Now the well-known Prostatilen, intended for treatment of “age-related” ailments of the prostate gland, belongs to this group.
The main geroprotector from the category of cytomedines can rightfully be called Epitalomin. This drug, isolated from the pineal gland of calves, allows you to regulate the relationship of all body systems. With age, the epiphysis in a person atrophies, because of which there is a failure in the central regulation and unbalance of the entire body. That’s just a drug that is almost impossible to acquire – the industry produces it in very limited quantities due to a shortage of raw materials.

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The cytomedines production site, filling and capping line. Research and production association (NPO) "Microgen", a branch in Ufa, the company "Immunopreparat"
Report from the cytomedines production site of pharmaceutical company "Immunopreparat". Many of us have heard about cytomedines - a special class of medicines, the peptide bioregulators. They carry t...