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EU authorities continue investigating sartan medicines

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EU authorities are placing the Chinese company Zheijiang Huahai under increased supervision following European and US inspections which revealed weaknesses in quality management.

Beijing to hold the 2018 World Life Science Conference

Beijing will host the 2018 World Life Science Conference later this month, which will focus on areas including medicine and health, agriculture and food safety, the environment and biotechnology.

Chinese pharma R&D startup receives $15 million funding

Deep Intelligent Pharma (Beijing, China), a healthcare AI start-up providing new drug research and development services for pharmaceutical companies, announced that it has raised a $15 million.

Cellular Biomedicine Group strikes a CAR-T deal with Novartis

Cellular Biomedicine Group (China) announced it has entered into a strategic licensing and collaboration agreement with Novartis to manufacture and supply the CAR-T cell therapy Kymriah in China.

CFDA representatives visited their Russian colleagues from the SID&GP

On September 24, 2018, a delegation from the Foods and Drugs Administration of Yunnan Province (China) visited the State Institute of Drugs and Good Practices.

Biocad intends to develop and bring to the Chinese market six drugs

Russian biotech company Biocad plans to develop and bring to the Chinese market at least six drugs in partnership with the Chinese holding Shanghai Pharmaceuticals.

BIOCAD and SPH agreed to start pharmaceutical production in China

BIOCAD and Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding used Eastern Economic Forum 2018 to sign a memorandum of understanding regarding the establishment of two joint ventures.

Chinese API manufacturer refused admittance to EU inspection

European medicines regulators have issued a notice that an ingredient for a generic brain cancer drug made in China does not meet manufacturing standards, after inspectors were refused entry.

Chinese scientists are developing new marine drugs

Guan Huashi, a researcher of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, is leading his research team to look for new drugs from the ocean. A new Alzheimer's drug, completed its phase three clinical trial.

China announced a list of foreign drugs suitable for Priority Review

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China’s Drug Evaluation Center posted a list of 48 drugs already approved in the U.S., EU or Japan that could be eligible for Priority Review in China.

Chinese drug regulator launches investigation of all vaccine manufacturers

The National Drug Administration of China (CNDA) launched a thorough investigation into all vaccine producers across the country. Chinese drug producer had violated standards in making of DPT vaccine.

Bristol-Myers Squibb and Tsinghua University evolve their collaboration

Bristol-Myers Squibb
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company and Tsinghua University (China), have entered into a collaboration to discover therapeutic agents against novel targets for autoimmune diseases and cancers.

Scandal over low-quality vaccines flares out in China

The Jilin Food and Drug Administration revealed on its website that the second-largest drug manufacturer - Changchun Changsheng Life Sciences, in China provided defective vaccines for newborns.

Sinovant Sciences unveiled its drug pipeline

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Sinovant Sciences, a Shanghai-based biopharmaceutical company dedicated to bringing innovative medicines to China and advancing Chinese biopharmaceutical innovation abroad, unveiled its pipeline and leadership team.

China will bring down prices for cancer drugs

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China's state medical insurance administration will start a new round of negotiations with pharmaceutical companies to add more cancer drugs to the insurance list.

Sanofi sets up its Global R&D Operations Hub in China

Sanofi is launching a Global R&D Operations Hub with a specialized focus on digitalization and big data analysis in Chengdu, Sichuan province, China.