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Cancer Research UK Scientists Working on New Blood Test

Cancer Research UK scientists are working on a new blood test able to identify rare mutations in advanced breast cancer, which could give patients quicker access to the most effective treatments. A...

BioIVT acquired donor center and laboratory in London

blood tubes
BioIVT, a leading provider of research models and services for drug development, acquired Clinical Trials Laboratory Services (CTLS), a donor center and laboratory based in London (UK).

Nacimbio to provide extra 200 million units of blood products to Russian regions

Nacimbio concluded eight new contracts with the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation for the supply of four units (INN) of blood plasma products.

Nacimbio will supply blood products to Russian Ministry of Health

Nacimbio JSC, a pharmaceutical subsidiary of Rostec Corporation, signed four new contracts with the Russian Ministry of Health for 2018 supplies of blood-derived products under the Seven Nosologies program.

Microgen produced 10% of its total blood products with the support of donors

In 2017, the collection of donor blood in Nizhny Novgorod allowed NPO Microgen, a subsidiary of National Immunobiological Company of Rostec Corporation, to produce more than 70 thousand packages of blood products in Russia.