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Open Joint stock Company Biokhimik manufactures and sells pharmaceutical products in the Russian Federation. The company offers antibiotics and blood products. It offers medicines in various forms, including injections, tablets, capsules, ampoule forms, ointments, gels, and suppositories. The company was founded in 1959 and is based in Saransk, the Russian Federation.

Biokhimik enters Southeast Asia market

Biokhimik, a Saransk-based plant producing more than 100 medicines, wants to start supplying its products to Vietnam in late 2018 - early 2019 after obtaining the registration certificates.

Biokhimik launches full-cycle manufacturing of antibiotics

For the first time in a quarter of century, Russia launched the full-cycle manufacturing of antibiotics based exclusively on domestic components.

Biokhimik will begin to produce more than 20 latest-generation antibiotics

manufacturing at biokhimik
The development of Biokhimik plant was discussed during the meeting between the Head of the Republic of Mordovia and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Promomed Company

Biokhimik started production of a new generation antibiotic substance

On October 3, the specialists of Biokhimik PJSC produced the first experimental and industrial lot of antibiotic substance for Vancomycin

Biokhimik will begin manufacturing four types of substances by the end of the year

Biokhimik, a company from the Republic of Mordovia, manufactures more than 100 medicinal products, 70% of which are included in the list of vital and essential drugs. 18 months ago, the plant launched...

Biokhimik is expected to start producing 4 types of pharmaceutical substances

Vladimir Volkov, the acting Head of the Republic of Mordovia, discussed with Denis Shvetsov, the General Director of PJSC Biokhimik, the further development of the enterprise

PJSC Biokhimik will manufacture innovative Russian drugs

NC Pharm Group and CJSC Access Bioscience established Peptide Medicines, a joint venture to introduce the latest peptide medicines developed by Russian scientists. As a part of the integration, CJS...

PJSC Biokhimik will reconstruct its innovation facility

PJSC Biokhimik will completely reconstruct the innovation facility at its production site in Saransk, that will host the R&D lab and workshops for chemical and microbiological synthesis of active ...