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Ural Medical Company to Build Syringe Plant in Brest

Ural Medical Company is looking for a site in Brest to build a syringe plant, deputy head of government of Russia's Udmurt Republic Mikhail Khomich said as he met with Belarus' Healthcare Minister Val...

Belarus to Build Big Pharma Site in Azerbaijan

A big pharmaceutical enterprise will be built in Azerbaijan, with help from Belarusian investors. Belarus ambassador to Azerbaijan Gennady Akhramovich made the remarks at a press conference in Baku...

EECA states join their efforts in fight against communicable diseases

Minsk is hosting the Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA) Regional Consultation on Expanding Access to Affordable and Quality Assured Antiretroviral and Antituberculosis Medicines.

Belarus is hosting the second EECA consultation on ARV and TB drugs

Belarus' Deputy Premier, spoke at the Eastern Europe and Central Asia Regional Consultation on Expanding Access to Affordable and Quality Assured ARV and TB Medicines in Minsk.

Belarus will supply novel cancer drug to Colombian clinics

The novel drug against cancer, Temodex, developed by scientists of the Belarusian State University (BSU), will enter the Latin American pharmaceutical market.

New pharmaceutical factory in Skidel is expected to launch in October

New pharmaceutical company in Skidel will produce 6 million tablets and more than 3 million capsules every year, according to Deputy Head of the Health Department of the Regional Authorities.

Russia and Belarus will develop innovative equipment for express diagnostics

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The new complexes will allow doctors to get the results of required tests instantly - even on the operating table or in the office of a paramedic.

New scientific and technological center will be established in Belarus

The scientific and technological center named after Yusuf Hamied will be established based on the state enterprise Akadempharm of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

Borisov Pharmaceutical Plant exports more than 50% of its products

The Borisov Pharmaceutical Plant (Belarus) produces 280 different medicines, out of them 84 are available on the Russian market, according to Vitaliy Deresh, General Director of the enterprise.

Belarusian drugs are preparing to enter the US market

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Belarusian medications are entering new markets. They will be marketed in the US. As for the European Union, one Belarusian plant has already received permission.

Belarus seeks further ways to reduce the cost of drugs

More than 37% of drugs produced in Belarus cost less than $1. Viktor Shein, Deputy Director of the Department of Pharmaceutical Industry, made an announcement.

New scheme for expired drugs utilization is being tested in Minsk

The container intended for collection of spoiled medicines from the community was installed in one of the outpatient clinics in Minsk, being the first one in Belarus.

Belarus will help to organize pharma manufacturing in Tajikistan

By the end of this year, Belarus and Tajikistan may elaborate a roadmap to establish joint ventures in the pharmaceutical industry, announced Oleg Ivanov, the Ambassador of Belarus in Tajikistan and Afghanistan.

New pharma plant in Belarus to launch in October

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A pharmaceutical plant in Skidel (Belarus) will be launched in October, announced the press service of the Council of Republic following the meeting between curator of the Belarusian-Indian cooperation and Indian investors

Registration of prices for medicines in Belarus will take no more than 1-2 months

This was announced by the Deputy Head of Department for Social Sphere and Services of the Belarusian Ministry of Antimonopoly Regulation and Trade - Daria Orlova.

Belarus developed the technology of obtaining povidone iodine

Belarus developed a technology for obtaining a pharmaceutical substance that can be used for manufacturing iodine-based medicines, announced Maria Sekach, Commercial Director of Belaseptika CJSC.