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Belarus wants to increase exports of medicines to Georgia

Belarus is increasing exports of medicines to Georgia and will share its experience in transplantation and surgery. This was announced by Valery Malashko, the Minister of Health of Belarus.

Construction of JivaPharm plant will be completed before the end of 2018

The construction of JivaPharm plant for the joint venture between Belarus and India in Kolyadichi is scheduled for completion by the end of 2018

30 pharma projects worth $250 million were completed in Belarus over 5 years

The implementation of investment and innovation projects allowed to create a new pharmaceutical industry in Belarus with a highly profitable manufacturing that meets the international standards of good manufacturing practice

GreenBioVet will establish veterinary drugs production in Minsk SEZ

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In early January 2018, Minsk Special Economic Zone registered GreenBioVet as new resident to implement an investment project on building a plant for manufacturing veterinary disinfectants and antiseptics

Belarus will increase the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products in 2018

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By developing its own pharmaceutical industry, Belarus saves $230-250 million annually on the imports of medicinal products

Pharmaceutical companies from Belarus export their products to 32 countries

In January-September 2017, the exports of medical and pharmaceutical goods and services from Belarus reached $63.6 million

A company from Belarus manufactures unique cancer drugs

Unitekhprom is developing and manufacturing the substances for cancer drugs, although its product range also includes a number of other oncological medicines

Slovakia is interested in the presence of Belarusian drugs on the European market

Slovakia wants to promote the Belarusian medicines in the European market

Belarus implements quality control system for pharmaceutical inspectorate

The system was developed by joint efforts of employees of the Division of Pharmaceutical Inspectorate of the Ministry of Health and the Department of Good Pharmaceutical Practices of RUE Center for Expert Reviews, as well as by the international experts

Belarus exports to Russia up to 70% of its pharmaceutical products

Two-thirds of exported Belarusian drugs are shipped to Russia, said the Minister of Health of Belarus Valery Malashko

Belarus and Azerbaijan discuss the establishment of a joint pharmaceutical venture

Belarus is ready to support Azerbaijan in the development of its pharmaceutical industry, said Belarusian Minister of Health Valery Malashko.

Belarus is developing diabetes and obesity herbal medicines

The scientists in the city of Grodno are working on new organic medications against diabetes and obesity

Belarusian-Indian production facilities will increase localization in Belarus

According to Valery Malashko, the Minister of Health of Belarus, India is a strategic partner for Belarus in the area of pharmaceuticals.

Belmedpreparaty is establishing a production facility for antitumor drugs

The Chairman of the State Committee for Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Shumilin visited RUE Belmedpreparaty, which is implementing three high-tech projects

Gilead Sciences allows Belarus to buy medicines at lower prices

According to Lyudmila Reutskaya, the Head of Department of Pharmaceutical Inspection and Drug Supply Organization, Belarus is included in the list of countries covered by voluntary licensing agreements of Gilead Sciences

Belarus made progress in the area of biopharmaceuticals and biomedicine

Over the five years, Belarus produced biotech products worth more than $3 billion, said Emilia Kolomiets, the Director of the Institute of Microbiology of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus