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Armenia Partners with WHISE-Embleema in Digital Healthcare

The Government of the Republic of Armenia, announced a partnership with the WHISE-Embleema Consortium, an organization whose mission is to accelerate the research and development of innovative new med...

New biotechnology park is launched in Armenia

The FMD K&L Europe opened the largest biotechnology park in Yerevan. The list of participants of the ceremony included foreign ambassadors, world leading biotechnology, pharmaceutical, financial, IT and other leading figures.

Three international companies will develop Armenian biotech

“FMD K & L Europe”, an aftercare beneficiary of the Development Foundation of Armenia, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Swiss “Sylex” and “Clinerion” companies to promote biotechnology in Armenia

Approximately 8% of medications in Armenia are manufactured locally

Nearly 8% of medications in Armenia are locally produced, while the remaining is imported. Armenian-made drugs are exported to Moldova, Russia, Belarus, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Georgia.

The Innovation Center for Microbiological Biotechnology opened in Yerevan

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The Innovation Center for Microbiological Biotechnology and Biofuel opened at the Faculty of Biology of Yerevan State University. The new center is equipped with unique equipment, the only one across the Eastern Europe.

International investors will keep an eye on Armenian biotech startups

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More than a dozen of sponsors will invest in Armenian IT and science startups. The informal network of science and technology investors united 18 businessmen from the US, UK, Russia and Cyprus.

Two more Armenian pharmaceutical manufacturers receive GMP certificates

Tufenkji Group and Bio-Chem, two Armenian pharmaceutical companies, have received GMP certificates

Armenian pharmaceutical companies work on expanding their exports of drugs

The pharmaceutical companies in Armenia work on expanding the exports of Armenian drugs and already achieved some progress