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The Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) is the part of any drug that is active. Some drugs, such as combination therapies, have multiple active ingredients to treat different diseases. While production of APIs has traditionally been done by the pharmaceutical companies themselves in their home countries, in recent years many corporations have opted to send manufacturing overseas to cut costs. This has caused significant changes to how these drugs are regulated, with more rigorous guidelines and inspections put into place.
All drugs are made up of two core components: the API, which is the central ingredient, and the excipient, the substance inside the drug that helps deliver the medication to your system. Excipients are inactive substances, such as mineral oil, and not chemically active.
Manufacturers use certain standards to determine how strong the API is in each drug. However, the standard can vary widely from one brand to another. One brand might use one test, another a different one.

Minakem obtained €14.5 million investment from its parent company

Minakem, a contract manufacturing company, specialized in development and manufacturing of building blocks, intermediates and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, received a €14.5 million investment from parent company Minafin.

Ardena buys a leading contract manufacturer of APIs

Contract development and manufacturing organisation (CDMO) Ardena, headquartered in Belgium, has acquired ChemConnection, a leading contract manufacturer of novel active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and nanomedicines.

Polypeptide Therapeutic Solutions and PMC Isochem start a joint activities

Polypeptide Therapeutic Solutions and PMC Isochem (both headquartered in France) signed a business and technology collaboration agreement in the field of cosmetic and therapeutic polypeptide.

Pfizer CentreOne launches its Enviero progesterone

Enviero progesterone is produced by a first-of-its-kind progesterone synthesis developed by Pfizer that reduces waste, greenhouse gas emissions and use of hazardous solvents.

AXIM Biotech uses cGMP methods for its production of cannabinoid APIs

medicinal cannabis
AXIM Biotechnologies announced the successful execution of proprietary cGMP methods to extract and microencapsulate cannabinoid molecules for a variety of pharmaceutical delivery formats from cGMP-produced medicinal cannabis.

Lonza boosts manufacturing capabilities in USA

Lonza, a Swiss chemicals and biotechnology, company announced the expansion of its late-stage clinical and commercial encapsulation capabilities for solid oral and inhaled dosage forms in USA.

CARBOGEN AMCIS manufacturing facility passed a quality inspection

Switzerland-based CARBOGEN AMCIS, a pharmaceutical process development and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient manufacturing company, announced that its Vionnaz site has successfully completed a Swissmedic inspection

Novo Nordisk will expand its manufacturing facility in USA

Novo Nordisk
Denmark-based Novo Nordisk, the world’s leading diabetes care company, will embark on a $65 million expansion of its diabetes product manufacturing center at its campus in North Carolina, USA

Delmar will create API manufacturing center in Canada

active pharmaceutical ingredient
Delmar, a subsidiary of Italy-based Holding Fabbrica Italiana, will invest $45 million to expand its operations and create a center for the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients in Montreal

Cambrex expands its North American facility

Cambrex Corporation, the leading manufacturer of small molecule innovator and generic APIs, announced an investment to expand chemical and analytical development capabilities at its Charles City, Iowa plant

BioDuro and Porton Pharma will cooperate on APIs and drug development

drug development
BioDuro LLC, a global life sciences contract research, development and manufacturing organization announced a cooperation agreement with Porton Pharma Solutions, a leading provider of API development and cGMP manufacturing

Hovione brings a new capsule filling unit into operation

drug development
Hovione, a Portuguese pharmaceutical company, announced that a new MG2 Tekna Precision Capsule filling unit is now online in its facilities

South Korean SK Biotek opens a manufacturing campus in Ireland

SK Biotek has confirmed that it plans to operate and develop Swords Campus as a stand-alone CDMO, which will manufacture pharma products to specification for other pharmaceutical companies on a contract basis

API market will reach a value of $239.8 billion by 2025

According to the report, recently published by Million Insights, the global Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient market size was worth at $134.2 billion in the year 2015

Cambrex and AstraZeneca entered a long-term manufacturing agreement

Cambrex Corporation held an opening ceremony with AstraZeneca at its Karlskoga, Sweden site to mark the commencement of a long-term manufacturing agreement between the two companies

DSM Sinochem Pharmaceuticals launches Rosuvastatin in Western Europe

DSM Sinochem Pharmaceuticals
DSM Sinochem Pharmaceuticals has successfully launched its fully backward integrated, generic Rosuvastatin drug product in multiple Western European countries