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A study on prevalence of antibiotic resistance was conducted in Russia

Antimicrobial resistance
GSK published the results of its Survey of Antibiotic Resistance in Russia. The collected data revealed high sensitivity of the main bacteria causing respiratory infections to amoxicillin/clavulanate and fluoroquinolones.

British scientists developed a novel alternative to antibiotics

antimicrobial resistance
A British nanotech company has created a potentially life changing technology that aims to overcome the global crisis of antibiotic resistance. Researchers from AGA Nanotech have developed a unique alternative to antibiotics.

Symcel starts collaboration with Karolinska Institutet

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Symcel, developer of the revolutionary cell-based assay tool for real-time cell metabolism measurements, partnered with the Karolinska Institutet in a Horizon 2020 funded project.

Scientists distinguished a new class of antibiotics

A team of researchers led by Brown University infectious disease experts and engineers has identified a new class of antibiotics that could one day help combat the alarming emergence of drug-resistant “superbugs.”

The Dutch regulator is alarmed by antibiotics problem

The Dutch regulator has raised concerns about a shortage of narrow-spectrum antibiotics. A lack of targeted therapies is forcing doctors to use broad-spectrum antibiotics that increase the risk of antimicrobial resistance.

Nabriva Therapeutics and Roivant Sciences entered into license agreement

Nabriva Therapeutics, a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company, and Roivant Sciences, announced the initiation of a collaboration to develop and commercialize lefamulin

French biotech DEINOVE entered a license agreement with Redx Pharma

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DEINOVE, a French biotech company that discovers, develops, and produces high-value compounds from rare bacteria, signed a license option agreement with the British drug discovery company Redx Pharma.

Novo Holdings started a new impact fund to combat antimicrobial resistance

antimicrobial resistance
Novo Holdings announced the launch of an impact fund with a total budget of $165 million to invest in companies involved in discovering and early-stage development of therapies to combat antimicrobial resistance.

FDA published its updated Guidance on Systemic Antibacterial Drugs

The purpose of this guidance is to assist sponsors in the development, analysis, and presentation of microbiology data during antibacterial drug development.

Pfizer and ICMR will create an antimicrobial resistance centre in India

antimicrobial resistance
The Indian Council of Medical Research and Pfizer have announced a partnership to set up a centre aimed at combating growing Antimicrobial Resistance in India.

WHO published new insights on antibiotic resistance

antimicrobial resistance
WHO’s first release of surveillance data on antibiotic resistance reveals high levels of resistance to a number of serious bacterial infections in both high- and low-income countries

The University of Geneva and AstraZeneca manage a new research project

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The research project DRIVE-AB has determined that a market entry reward of $1 billion per antibiotic globally could significantly increase the number of new antibiotics coming to the market in the next 30 years

WEF Davos 2018: Launching the ‘Antimicrobial Resistance Benchmark’

wef davos 2018
The first-ever Antimicrobial Resistance Benchmark will map the actions of 30 pharmaceutical companies across three research areas: Research & Development, Manufacturing and Production, Access & Stewardship

New immunotherapy showed potency for antibiotic resistance

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SAB Biotherapeutics announced its first-in-human trial of new immunotherapy approach has shown efficacy in antibiotic-resistant bacteria

AMR Centre will provide expert support to R&D of SKOLKOVO

SKOLKOVO Foundation and the UK Antimicrobial Resistance Centre signed a cooperation agreement on the joint activities

UK and Russian researchers joined efforts against antimicrobial resistance

antibiotic resistance
Two of the key organisations in the UK and Russia leading efforts to combat the global problem of antimicrobial resistance