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Collaboration of Japanese Companies in AI Drug R&D

Artificial intelligence and machine learning company InveniAI has joined with Kyowa Hakko Kirin to harness the power of technology for drug discovery. The companies are the latest to use AI and mac...

Elevian and Insilico to Discover Anti-Aging Drugs

Elevian and Insilico Medicine have announced a research and development partnership to develop oral medications targeting the GDF11 pathway and associated targets. Elevian is an emerging biotech co...

FDA’s Plans for Digital Therapeutics

The FDA has announced further details about its plans to hasten development of digital health products and tools. Pear Therapeutics in 2017 became the first company to get a “digital therapeutic” a...

Fast Track for Neurological and Psychiatric Diseases Drug

The FDA has granted Fast Track Designation to BioXcel Therapeutics’ BXCL501 for the treatment of acute agitation resulting from neurological and psychiatric disorders like Alzheimer’s and schizophreni...

Russian scientists developed new method of cancer diagnosis

Research teams of Sechenov University have found out a new way to diagnose cancer diseases using a single drop of blood.

Oncoimmunity receives EU financing for its machine-learning platform

The company’s flagship product, the ImmuneProfiler, is a unique machine learning solution that has made inroads into solving the neoantigen prediction challenge.

Merck KGaA will use a cloud-based in silico proteome screening platform

Merck KGaA
Merck KGaA (Germany), a leading science and technology company, announced that it has entered into a licensing agreement with Cyclica (Canada) for the use of Ligand Express, a cloud-based in silico pr...

Cyclica to collaborate with Bayer on drug discovery programs

drug development
Cyclica, a Canadian biotechnology company, announced a collaboration with Bayer to advance drug discovery programs by gaining insights into the polypharmacological profiles of small molecules.

Fusion Antibodies to integrate machine learning into antibody humanization

Fusion Antibodies and Analytics Engines have announced a strategic collaboration to incorporate machine learning and artificial intelligence into humanization platform.

Evotec starts AI-driven drug discovery collaboration with Immuneering

lab plates
Evotec AG (Germany), a drug discovery alliance and development partnership company, announced that it has entered into a research collaboration with Immuneering Corporation (USA).

Elsevier launches its new cloud-based data platform for life sciences

Elsevier, the information analytics business, announced the launch of Entellect, a new cloud-based data platform designed to help life sciences companies overcome the challenges of modern R&D.

MedX Health starts to develop an Artificial Intelligence Engine

MedX Health is initiating the development of an Artificial Intelligence Engine with leading dermatologists and its technology partner, Blanc Labs.

Bayer updates its pharmacovigilance systems with Genpact’s AI suite

Genpact signed a multi-year agreement with Bayer under which Genpact’s Pharmacovigilance Artificial Intelligence (PVAI) suite of capabilities.

Russian Institute of Digital Medicine tested the universal robot ‘UR3e’

Sechenov University’s Institute of Digital Medicine has tested the universal robot UR3e, the Danish pioneer of collaborative robots.

Researchers developed an AI approach to identify antibiotic resistance genes

Researchers at the University of California San Diego have developed an approach that uses machine learning to identify and predict which genes make infectious bacteria resistant to antibiotics.

Chinese AI biotech start-up receives a $46 million funding

drug discovery
Shenzhen-based artificial intelligence biotech start-up XtalPi (China) has raised $46 million in series B+ financing round led by China Life Healthcare Fund.