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ABOLmed is Russian pharmaceutical company and the leader among Russian producers of parenteral antibiotics. Quality System of ABOLmed complies with 52249-2009 “Rules of production and quality control of drugs” and EU GMP.
The efficacy and safety of drugs produced by ABOLmed are not inferior to the original drug, which is confirmed by numerous studies and extensive experience of clinical use.
ABOLmed was founded in April 1998. Six months later the Company already started the production of cephalosphorin antibiotics at its newly established pharmaceutical plant in Vidnoye (Moscow Region).

The plant is equipped with production lines supplied by the Italian firm IMA, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of equipment for pharmaceutical enterprises. The professionals working in the plant have appropriate education, high-level skills and long-term experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

The continuous implementation of advanced technologies, maintenance of strong development rates, guaranteed quality and efficiency of manufactured products, realization of several research programs aimed at the development of proprietary drugs – all this allows the Company to retain present positions as the leading Russian manufacturer of four generations of cephalosporin antibiotics that are therapeutically equivalent to proprietary drugs of renowned western firms. This fact was repeatedly confirmed by multiple clinical studies on the base of the A.V.Vishnevsky Institute of Surgery (Moscow), Institute of Pediatry (Moscow), N.N.Burdenko Head Military Hospital (Moscow), N.V.Sklifosovsky Emergency Care Institute (Moscow), Research Center of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology (Moscow), Research Institute of General Critical Care Medicine (Moscow), Research Institute of Clinical Immunology (Novosibirsk), Altai State Medical University (Barnaul), Research Institute of Maternity and Childhood protection (Khabarovsk) and many other respected Russian clinics.

ABOLmed produces a range of antibiotics for parenteral use that are well-known among clinicians under such trade names as Nacef® (cefazolin), Anaerocef® (cefoxitin), Cefamabol® (cefamandole), Cefurabol® (cefuroxime), Cefabol® (cefotaxime), Ceftriabol® (ceftriaxone), Cefoperabol® (cefoperazone), Vicef® (ceftazidime), Sulperacef® (cefoperazone/sulbactam), Maxycef® (cefepime), Urofosfabol® (fosfomycine), Grimipenem® (imipenem/cilastatin), Metronidal® (metronidazole), Ofloxabol® (ofloxacin), Pefloxabol® (pefloxacin), Levofloxabol® (levofloxacin), Meropenabol® (meropenem) and Capremabol® (capreomycin).

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