R-Pharm is a Russian private hi-tech pharmaceutical company founded in 2001, employs over 3500 highly qualified specialists, has over 60 branches. Turnover reached over $ 1,5 billion in 2013. R-Pharm operates in Russia and CIS, USA, Germany, Japan and India.
    The company is involved in R&D, manufacturing, marketing, sales and distribution of innovative pharmaceutical products from a broad number of therapeutic areas in specialty/hospital care. The company has operational GMP compliant manufacturing sites at Yaroslavl, Kostroma region and Germany and Novosibirsk/ R-Pharm is building a modern facility for the synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients in Rostov – Pharmoslavl.

    R-Pharm specializes in the supply of high-tech medicinal products and laboratory equipment for the leading federal medical research centers, hospitals and clinical hospitals, as well as the largest regional curative and preventive care institutions of the Russian Federation.

    The company’s portfolio includes medicinal products of various pharmaceutical groups, including oncology, hematology, cardiology, immunology, antibacterial, anti-viral, including the treatment of HIV-infection, medicinal products used in organ transplantation, treatment of disseminated sclerosis, hemophilia and diabetes, as well as neuromuscular relaxants, radiopaque contrast agents and drugs for anesthesia.

    The company’s core businesses are manufacturing of finished dosage forms, active pharmaceutical ingredients of chemical nature and biotech substances; research and development of innovative products and technologies; bringing the highly efficient pharmaceutical products to the Russian market; as well as implementation of education and training programs for pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

    The general philosophy of R-Pharm group of companies includes promotion of professional development and competency of the healthcare specialists; strengthening and ensuring the availability of modern and efficient pharmaceutical products; quality assurance at all stages of production process; and support of innovative activities to solve the current challenges in the public health system.

    R-Pharm continues to invest into manufacturing assets. The company has operational manufacturing sites at Novosibirsk, GMP compliant packaging facility at Kostroma region, State-of-the-art Manufacturing Site in Yaroslavl. Also the company continues construction of its chemical API manufacturing site “Farmoslavl”, designed to support to secure the technology development and organization of production of pharmaceutical substances. The company carries out license manufacturing of hospital and specialty care products for multinational pharmaceutical companies. Astellas Pharma, Abbott, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Eli Lilly, MSD, Novartis, F.Hoffmann-La Roche are examples of successful cooperation in various directions.

    R-Pharm has made a strategic commitment to producing these advanced medicines locally to increase their access and affordability to the Russian patients. The FlexFactory and the expertise that Xcellerex are providing will significantly accelerate our development and commercial timelines. R-Pharm expects to begin production with the FlexFactory in 2013, years faster than with conventional technologies. Within the project, the company will produce innovative drugs for treatment of most important vital diseases.

    In 2011 in San Diego, USA there was founded a company R-Pharm Overseas, Inc.

    The objective of the company is to supply R-Pharm with advanced R&D technologies, platforms for research and to promote product development strategy on the foreign markets specifically in the USA, Europe and Asia.

    In order to fulfill these goals the company invited the top scientists from Califormia, Massachusetts and other states. One of the crucial directions of activities of R-Pharm Overseas is training of skilled scientists and technicians in the USA for the Russian subdivision of the company.

    R-Pharm Overseas, Inc. already carries out training programs and holds onsite trainings of talented Russian students and young scientists chosen by R-Pharm experts.

    R-Pharm Overseas, Inc. carries out development of advanced molecules with high therapeutic potential; the company develops technologies together with the leading American pharm, biotechnological and venture companies and implement development results.

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