One of the largest Russian manufacturers of socially significant pharmaceuticals.

    Engaged in development and production of antituberculosis, antineoplastic, antiretroviral, antihyperglycemic, and hormonal drugs; antibiotics.


    “At the very beginning of our work in 1997, barely anyone believed that it was possible to establish an innovative pharmaceutical production in Russia and get our medicine free from the import of vital and essential drugs. But we did it: we built five factories, mastered the most advanced technologies, took the lead in the Russian pharmaceutical market, provided jobs for thousands of people, and paid billions of rubles in taxes. Our Company is constantly updating production equipment, developing new medication production technologies, and improving operation methods in the sphere of management and distribution. Our priorities remain unchanged: development and production of socially significant pharmaceuticals and assuring their availability for patients and healthcare providers.”

    President of Pharmasyntez Group of Companies

    Pharmasyntez is a leader in production of antituberculosis drugs. It produces practically all antituberculosis drugs approved in Russia, including new generation ones.

    The company’s product portfolio comprises more than 145 products for the treatment of tuberculosis, HIV, hepatitis, oncological diseases, as well as hospital antibiotics, and antihyperglycemic drugs.

    The Company has been ranked in the top 10 Russian pharmaceutical companies in terms of output of pharmaceuticals since 2014.

    The Company has been ranked in the top 3 fast-developing Russian pharmaceutical companies since 2015.

    The Company is in the top 10 leading manufacturers with regard to hospital procurements.

    Pharmasyntez was established in Irkutsk in 1997. The first manufacturing site was launched in 1999. It is the site where the first antituberculosis drug has been developed. It opened the way to robust production of generics of foreign pharmaceutical products and development of unique drugs.

    Company History

    • 1997    JSC Pharmasyntez was established in Irkutsk
    • 1999    Manufacture of Rifampicin, the first drug in the company’s portfolio, started.
    • 2002    The Company was the first to re-launch the production of Sodium para-aminosalicylate in Russia.
    • 2005    Production of solutions for infusion started in Ussuriysk.
    • 2011    Design works for Pharmasyntez-Nord, a facility for antineoplastic drug manufacturing in Saint Petersburg, started.
    • 2012    Production of the original antituberculosis drug Perchlozone® was launched.
    • 2013    Production of antiretroviral drugs and a wide range of antibiotics started.
    • 2014    Construction of a hi-tech pharmaceutical substances facility started in Bratsk.
    • 2015    A production facility was put into operation in Tyumen.
    • 2017    The first stage of the Bratsk substance synthesis facility was launched. The first stage of the Saint Petersburg facility was launched. A small-tonnage production department was opened in Irkutsk.
    • 2018    Design works for the largest capital project, Pharmasyntez-Chemi Industrial and Technology Park in Usolye-Sibirskoye, started.

    Production capacity

    Annual production output is over 50 million packs.

    Drugs for the treatment of tuberculosis, HIV infection, oncological diseases, type 2 diabetes, hepatitis.

    Over 49% of all anti-TB and 45% of antiretroviral drugs marketed in Russia are produced by Pharmasyntez.

    JSC Pharmasyntez

    JSC Pharmasyntez is located in Irkutsk and is a head office of the Pharmasyntez Group of Companies. The principal directions of the company’s activity are production of antituberculosis, antiretroviral, antiviral, antineoplastic, antifungal pharmaceuticals. Sterile formulations and antibiotics are also produced at the manufacturing site.

    LLC East-Pharm

    LLC East-Pharm, a factory for production of infusion solutions is the only one both in Ussuriysk, Primorsky Kray, and in the Far Eastern Federal District. The company is engaged in production of infusion solutions of various pharmacological groups. East-Pharm manufactures blood substitutes, antibacterial, antifungal, hemostatic products, small-volume drugs for infusion therapy.

    LLC Pharmasyntez-Tyumen

    LLC Pharmasyntez-Tyumen is engaged in production of various pharmaceuticals, such as infusion solutions, tablets, including the third generation antihyperglycemic drugs. The Pharmasyntez Group investment project of construction of a hormonal and radiopaque drugs plant is underway in Tyumen. The project is planned to be implemented in 2020.

    JSC Pharmasyntez-Nord

    JSC Pharmasyntez-Nord is a Saint Petersburg plant engaged in development and production of up-to-date efficient cytostatic drugs (antineoplastic drugs) in solid dosage forms, lyophilized powders and concentrated solutions, biopharmaceuticals. The second stage of the plant is scheduled to be put into operation in 2020.

    LLC BratskChemSyntez

    LLC BratskChemSyntez. In Bratsk, the Pharmasyntez Group manufactures active pharmaceutical ingredients for antituberculosis, antineoplastic, and antiretroviral drugs. The second stage of the plant will be put into operation in 2019.