Company manufactures mainly brand-name generics of middle and low price category, and it is exactly that group of pharmaceutical drugs which is the largest in number of produced packs. Now the development of the company allows to widen the range and area of distribution significantly, which will no doubt have a positive influence on provision the population with quality medications at low price.

    1. Production of pharmaceutical drugs

    Total area of production facilities is 1 684 m2.
    Facility is owned by state and is rented for 49 years with the right of a buy-out and prolongation.

    2. Production of nutritional supplements

    Total area of production facilities is 1 022 m2.
    Facility is owned by state and is rented for 20 years with the right of buy-out and prolongation.

    3. Preparation of extemporary medications

    Preparation and delivery of extemporary forms of medications for all types of medical organizations.

    High quality of production

    • Annual pharmaceutical audit of PHARMACOR PRODUCTION facilities by West European pharma producers since 1998
    • No quality claims from the side of controlling authorities since the beginning of our operation, by positive feedbacks from the customers and awards as well.

    Experience of contract production

    • 17 years of cooperation of PHARMACOR PRODUCTION with leading West European pharmaceuticals companies
    • Production and packing of pharmaceutical drugs and nutritional supplements for such companies as: ORION CORPORATION (Finland), ITALFARMACO (Italy), MITIM S.r.l. (Italy), С. Hedenkamp GmbH&Co.KG (Germany)
    • Brands, manufactured on contract basis: GLIATILIN, TAMOXIFEN, ANGIOFLUX, METYPRED
    Well-established system of distribution channels (direct shipments):
    • Domestic distributors: KATREN, TSV Protek, Pulse, Rosta, CIA INTERNATIONAL LTD.
    • Drugstore chains: Melodiya Zdorovya, Vita line (Samara), Impoziya (Samara), Pharmaimpex (Izhevsk), Doctor Stoletov (Moscow), Peterburgskiye apteki (St. Petersburg), TD Nevis (St. Petersburg), Neo-Pharm (Moscow), Apteka Klassika (Yekaterinburg – Chelybainsk) etc.
    Entrance to the retail segment of pharmaceutical market
    • Drugstore chain of ZAO Pharmacor – more than 350 drugstores:
      • North-Western Federal District: St. Petersburg, Leningrad region, Petrozavodsk, Pskov, Veliky Novgorod, Vologda, Syktyvkar
      • Central Federal District: Moscow region, Smolensk, Bryansk, Orel, Kursk, Lipetsk, Belgorod
      • Privolzhsky Federal District: Cheboksary, Kirov, Izhevsk, Ufa, Orenburg

    Full cycle from registration till production and promotion

    PHARMACOR PRODUCTION Ltd. makes finished products using several technological schemes

    • Production of tablets, powders and granulated materials
    • Dispensing of tablets/caps in blister packs and polymer packs
    • Dispensing of powders and granulated materials in sacks
    • Different types of packing for tablets, caps, powders, ampoules, flasks etc

    Production capacities

    • tablets/caps in blister form – about 20 million blisters a year
    • tablets/caps in capacitative packs – about 1.5 million packs a year

    Total area of production ad supporting facilities is about 1500 m2. There is a full-cycle conveyor production at the facilities. The 1000 m2 production area is equipped with air cleaning systems, maintaining particular level of pressure and humidity, which conforms to GMP standard.

    At the facility an efficient multi-level system of quality control is installed, which allows to conduct constant monitoring of all stages of production process and avoid any deviations or errors. Each produced series is identical to any of the others by all indicators, including therapeutic dose, stability and medical efficiency.

    Drugs manufactured by Pharmacor now:

    • AMLODIPIN (amlodipine) tablets 5 mg №30
    • DIABEFARM MV (gliclazide) tablets with modified release 30 mg №60
    • DIOSMEKTIT (smectit dioctaedric) powder 3g №10, 30
    • ENALAPRIL (enalapril) tablets 10 mg №20
    • ENAFARM-N (enalapril + hydrochlorothiazide) tablets 10/25 mg №20
    • GLUKOZAMIN powder 1.5 g №20
    • METACIN tablets. 2 mg №10
    • KAPTOPRIL tablets. 50 mg №20
    • KLOTRIMAZOL tablets. 100 mg №6
    • LORATADIN tablets. 10 mg №10
    • LOPERAMID tablets. 2 mg №20


    • production according to GMP conditions, which guarantees its quality
    • proved bioequivalence in comparison with original medication
    • conformity with original medication in respect of its therapeutic benefit
    • no reclamations from the side of analytical laboratories and consumers
    • economically beneficial purchase in comparison with original medication at the same quality of the product

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