One of the largest full-cycle biopharmaceutical facilities in Russia, whose manufacturing is in compliance with GMP standards

    Binnopharm has Russia’s largest GMP certified manufacturing capabilities of vaccines in ampoules (up to 80 million ampoules per year) and also owns the unique to Russia comprehensively equipped quality control laboratory.

    • 32 000 m2 – total biopharmaceutical complex area
    • 20 000 m2 – facilities of different clean-room classes
    • 5 700 m2 – cleanrooms with specially controlled environment

    Key activities of Binnopharm

    • Development and production of genetically engineered biotechnological medicines
    • Production and wholesale of medicines and active pharmaceutical ingredients
    • Russian full-cycle biopharmaceutical company including an R&D center
    • One of the largest biopharmaceutical facilities in Russia with an area of 32,000 sq m
    • Production of biotechnological active ingredients and medicines in 6 dosage forms:
      1. Aerosols
      2. Tablets
      3. Capsules
      4. Solutions
      5. Ampoules
      6. Syringes
    • The only fully equipped biotechnological medicines quality control laboratory in Russia

    Prefilled syringes production

    • The whole prefilled syringes line work package was performed by the FAVEA Engineering Company (Czech Republic)
    • The project was coordinated by GlaxoSmithKline (UK)
    • Gross floor area of 1,200 m2, including 580 m2 cleanrooms
    • Estimated capacity of the prefilled syringes line – 12,000 syringes per hour
    • The line allows for production of solutions and suspensions

    Binnopharm today

    • 2 pharmaceutical plants in Moscow region
    • Production of biotechnological active ingredients and medicines in 6 dosage forms: aerosols, ampoules, capsules, tablets, solutions and syringes
    • Own logistics centre in Zelenograd
    • Own R&D centre
    • Presence of medical representatives in over 30 cities in Russia
    • Compliance with Russian GMP and ISO standards audited by VNIIS in April 2016
    • Compliance with international GMP standards audited by GlaxoSmithKline in May 2014
    • The only fully equipped biotechnological medicines quality control laboratory in Russia

    Binnopharm today

    Dosage form Annual output capacity, pcs.
    Tablets Up to 1 billion tablets
    Ampoules (1ml, 2ml, 5ml, 10ml) Up to 80 million ampoules
    Aerosols (water, alcohol, and oil-based) Up to 20 million aerosols
    Pre-filled glass syringes Up to 15 million syringes
    Bottles Up to 12 million bottles
    Capsules Up to 1 million capsules

    Manufacturing of artificial plasma extenders

    Pharmaceutical complex in the Moscow region with an unlimited term medicine production license issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation

    Pharmaceutical complex infrastructure

    • DTS with 2,000 kVA capacity
    • Block-modular steam boiler station licensed by the Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service
    • Pipeline
    • Waterline

    New SBM line project

    • Installation of an SBM line will reduce production costs of standard solutions manufacture
    • Capacity: 60-120 m plastic bottles

    Binnopharm is opened to various types of cooperation with our future partners

    Contract Manufacturing

    • Access to the market thanks to local partnerships and own distribution channels
    • Modern, high-quality equipment for the manufacture of a wide range of dosage forms
    • Team of specialists in various areas of drug manufacturing
    • Successfully materialized project with international partners: ViiV Healthcare, Fresenius, and others

    Modern facility

    • Access to the best resources, including experienced personnel, technologies, and finances
    • Improvement of technological capabilities thanks to the joint R&D
    • Risk and cost distribution among partners
    • Valuable experience from 1.5 years of partnership with Fresenius Kabi (Germany)

    License and registration acquisition

    • Profits from license/registration sale of products not in the partner’s product range
    • Possibility of regular royalties dependent on sales amount

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