Russia Begins Clinical Trials of Drug to Treat Coronavirus Pneumonias

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Russia’s Federal Medical Biological Agency begins clinical trials of medicines to treat coronavirus-induced pneumonias, the agency’s chief, Veronika Skvortsova said on April 6.

“Taking into account the good acceptability and safety of the Dalargin drug it demonstrated during the registration study, the Federal Medical Biological Agency begins its clinical trials in the treatment of acute coronavirus pneumonias associated with breathing problems posing acute respiratory distress syndrome risks,” she said.

According to the agency’s press service, the agency’s experts “have developed a regimen for treating coronavirus pneumonias complicated by difficulty breathing on the basis of the use of Dalargin’s hexapeptide as a delta-opioid receptor antagonist.” Dalargin is registered in Russia as a drug for trophic ulcer healing and protecting organs and tissues (lungs, liver, pancreatic glad). The drug helps to reduce the gravity of the respiratory distress syndrome in comprehensive intensive therapy of multi-organ failure.

“While developing a regime for treating serious coronavirus pneumonias, the Agency’s Biomedical Technologies Research Center, used a model of a fatal acute respiratory distress syndrome in animals,” the press ervice said. “The use of this drug in animal regimen considerably increased the survival rate among animals with acute respiratory distress syndrome. From 70 to 100% of animals survived under different drug use regimen.”

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