Unique Laser Medical Equipment To Be Produced in the Moscow Region SEZ

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Vasari Lasers plans to implement an investment project to produce laser equipment for medical institutions. The enterprise will be located in Istok SEZ in Fryazino near Moscow.

According to Deputy Prime Minister of the Moscow Region Vadim Khromov, the product that Vasari Lasers intends to produce is unique in Russia. Thus, the Moscow Region will have another import replacing enterprise.

“In addition to the fact that our country will have its own medical lasers, the product will almost entirely consist of domestic components: more than 92% of suppliers of components for the device are Russian manufacturers, including companies near Moscow,” Vadim Khromov said. He also added that the investments into the project will amount to over RUB15 million, and 30 new jobs will be created at the production site.

Potential users of medical lasers of Vasari Lasers Company include healthcare organisations having both a generic (otorhinolaryngology, gynecology, surgery, etc.) and sub-specialisation: cosmetology, dermatology, aesthetic medicine, etc. The product will differ from its foreign alternatives in terms of improved technical characteristics.

“Given the production cost that will be 10-20% lower than that of its foreign counterparts, as well as the government support for import-replacing enterprises, the project of Istok SEZ resident is promising from the financial perspective,” Vadim Khromov said.

Special economic zones are most attractive for investors in the medical and pharmaceutical sector, as the regional government provides special support measures for residents who have chosen SEZs. These include 0% property tax for 10 years, 0% land tax for the first 5 years, 0% transport tax for the first 5 years. Investors are also offered a beneficial profit tax: 0% for the first 8 years, 5% for the next 6 years, 13.5% after 14 years. The Development Corporation of the Moscow Region provides consulting services related to supportive measures.

“There are now four special economic zones in the Moscow region (Dubna, Istok, Stupino Square and Kashira, which was created in October this year). With our support, more than one high-tech company has already received the status of SEZ resident. Among pharmaceutical enterprises, Dubna SEZ is in particular demand. It is home to 32 companies related to bio- and medical technologies,” Alexander Fedorov, Deputy Director General of the Moscow Region Development Corporation, said.

He also noted that two SEZs near Moscow were included in the top III SEZ according to the National Investment Prospects Rating regarding SEZs. “It is for the second consecutive year that Dubna headed the SEZ ranking, while Stupino Square was the third in the rating of Industrial Production and Port Economic Zones, having moved up by two positions during the year.

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