The Quantity of Pharmaceutical Medicines from the Informal Drug Market In Russia Decreased by 2.5 times

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This was what stated by the press service of the labeling operator of the Center for Advanced Technologies Development (TSRPT according to the Russian abbreviation).

“According to the regulator, the amount of medicines acquired in the informal drug market decreased by 2.5 times during the experiment. There is a constructive interaction with the industries; the legal business is interested in tracking its products, which allows the reputation and quality of products offered to consumers to be protected,” said TSRPT.

The operator’s press service added that, besides the guarantee of legality, digital technology does not lead to higher prices for consumers. “This is confirmed by introduction of cigarette and fur coat labeling and corporate data of companies in other industries. Prices for a number of inexpensive drugs have even decreased as evidenced by the research of analytical agencies,” commented the press service.

There are experiments on labelling of goods in several industries in Russia currently. A two-dimensional code in Data Matrix format is used for labeling. Mentioned code is applied directly to the packaging of goods or product label and contains detailed data about the product: name, manufacturer, date, time and place of manufacture. Russia will have created a unified national system of marking and tracking of goods by 2024. The Center for Development of Advanced Technologies, established on the basis of public-private partnership, is the operator of this system.

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