Pharmaceutical Plant Pharmasyntez-Tyumen Has Made its One-billionth Tablet

| By | Pharmasyntez

These one billion drug products are counted in different forms: tablets, liquid forms and soft capsules. All of them were produced in four years, since the launch of the plant in Tyumen in 2016.

At the moment, Pharmasyntez-Tyumen (part of the group of companies Pharmasyntez) is implementing a large-scale project for the production of hormonal drugs.

“Today, we were able to make sure that the company is implementing the project rapidly. In early February this year there was only a prepared land plot and today the buildings of the main production and storage facilities have already been erected,” noted Andrey Panteleev.

“Hormonal drugs production project has a strategic importance for the country, because currently more than 95 percent of such drugs are imported to Russia. The picture will change dramatically with the launch of a new plant in Tyumen,” said Vikram Punia, the President of the group of companies Pharmasyntez.

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