HighRes Biosolutions and Novo Nordisk Will Collaborate to Design a State-of-the-art Robotic Platform

| By | Drug Development, Novo Nordisk

HighRes Biosolutions and Novo Nordisk announced that they will collaborate to design a state-of-the-art robotic platform for high-throughput biologics engineering and characterisation.

The integration of a multi-system robotics platform with sophisticated software control architecture will enable a digital transformation and accelerated discovery for Novo Nordisk’s peptide and large molecule therapeutics research.

“In order to maintain our leadership within biologics engineering we are investing in a fully automated and digital design platform. This investment is linked to our build-up in AI and advanced analytics and demonstrates Novo Nordisk’s commitment as a world leading biologics research company,” said Lars Fogh Iversen, senior vice president, Global Research Technologies, Novo Nordisk.

The platform will comprise several highly automated and integrated cells for production, characterisation and functional analysis of thousands of biologic compounds every month. Its scope covers the full range from small synthetic peptides to recombinantly expressed large proteins and will also include chemical modification of the molecules.

The ambition is to build a system that is fully integrated with a modern data infrastructure and the data science and machine learning capabilities in Novo Nordisk.

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