Belarus is Establishing Gospharmnadzor

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On December 31, 2019, Alexander Lukashenko, the President of the Republic of Belarus, signed the ordinance nº 499 that resolves to found, before May 1, 2020, the State Agency Gospharmnadzor, a State Pharmaceutical Supervisor in the sphere of circulation of medicinal products.

According to the provided information, the Agency must be under the authority of to the Ministry of Health.

The main tasks of Gospharmnadzor are:

  • prevention of entry into circulation and timely recall of substandard, falsified and expired medicinal products
  • prevention, detection and suppression of the breaches of the requirements of legislation on circulation of medicinal products

The institution is a State Pharmaceutical Supervision Agency for compliance by legal entities and individual entrepreneurs with the requirements of the legislation on circulation of medicinal products, including the conditions of industrial production, pharmacy manufacturing, sale, storage, transportation and medical use in health care organizations.

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