A Russian Vaccine Against Haemophilus Influenzae

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This year, the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation may increase the list of risk groups for mandatory vaccination against infections caused by Haemophilus influenzae. There is no local drug on the market yet, but scientists from the N.D. Zelinsky of Organic Chemistry Russian Academy of Science (ZIOC) are already working on the creation of a local vaccine against H. influenzae.

“The new vaccine should become cheaper and more effective than Western substances,” said Nikolay Nifantiev, the head of the laboratory of glycoconjugates chemistry. According to the researchers, it will be a medicinal drug that exceeds the safety of medicines that exists on the market now.

“The synthetic carbohydrate vaccine we have developed will be effective against Haemophilus influenzae. We synthesized a proper immunogen. The advantage of such a preparation is that it uses an individual synthetic component and not the raw polysaccharide produced by the cultivation of living bacteria. This leads to increased efficiency and safety of the new vaccine,” said Nikolay Nifantiev.

The obtained substance, which will form the basis for the first local vaccine against hemophilic infection, was tested by a subsidiary undertaking of Rostekh, the Perm-based NPO Microgen, part of the Russian pharmaceutical holding Nacimbio. Preliminary testing of the new vaccine on cells showed that the synthesized immunogen has a high specificity, or in other words, the ability to connect with the necessary receptors and to cause an immune response of the body.

“We have created an innovative product that is better than imported analogues in terms of activity, while drug side effects have been reduced,” said Nikolay Nifantiev.

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