Nanolek and Merck Launched Full Production Cycle for CVD Treatment

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The biopharmaceutical company Nanolek together with Merck launches the production of a medicinal product for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases (CVD) in the Kirov region.

The official start of the launch of the full production cycle of one of the key drugs included in the list of essential drugs for the treatment of arterial hypertension, coronary heart disease and chronic heart failure, was held during Kirov-Moscow teleconference. Production prospects and key industry issues were discussed with the participation of the head of the region Igor Vasilyev, chairman of the government of the Kirov region Alexander Churin, regional health minister Andrei Chernyaev, representatives of the Russian Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the management of Nanolek and Merck companies in Russia.

Cardiovascular diseases continue to be the main cause of mortality in Russia, Igor Vasiliev noted the importance of launching production.

A lot of work to improve the situation is also being carried out in the Kirov region in the next four years, a large-scale re-equipment of regional and primary vascular centers is planned in the region. The cardiovascular service receives 567 pieces of equipment, including magnetic resonance and computed tomographs, an angiographic system and a neuronavigation system.

In addition, the regular intake of medications prescribed by a doctor is an important component of the treatment of patients with diseases of the cardiovascular system. More than 2.5 million people across the country take the Concor drug annually. The implementation of the localization project in Kirov will fully cover the need for Russian patients in it.

We can proudly say that our Kirov manufacturer produces high-quality medicines, modern vaccines, ensuring the availability and quality of medical care,

the governor emphasized.

The company Nanolek, according to Igor Vasiliev, is one of the priority investment projects of the Kirov region, providing jobs, investing in the development of competence in the field of biotechnology, and also supporting the socio-cultural sphere of the region. Today, more than 110 employees are involved in the production of the Concor drug in Kirov.

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