Mabscale Began Clinical Trials of Trastuzumab Bio-Analog

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The joint company of the Russian pharmaceutical enterprises Ozon and PharmEco, Mabscale, began clinical trials of a phase I comparison of a bio-analog of its own trastuzumab with the original Herceptin from the Swiss Roche. Trastuzumab is the best-selling cancer drug in Russia.

This project is initiated by Ozon Farmatsevtika incorporated by Ozon LLC which has successfully launched the first pharmaceutical production this year in the Special Economic Zone Togliatti. In 2015 the independent survey agency Battersea power marketing named Ozon among the five key-players of the Russian pharmaceutical market.

In the Russian market, trastuzumab is represented by the original Herceptin from Roche and the bio-analog Gertikad from Biocad. The drug is used in chemotherapy regimens of HER2-positive breast cancer.

It is reported that Mabscale is 60% owned by Ozon Farmatsevtika and 40% owned by the main owner of the PharmEco group, Vladimir Babiy. PharmEco Group of Companies has industrial sites in Moscow (Dobrolek), Moscow Region (ZiO-Zdorovye), Ryazan (Farmera) and Novosibirsk (a joint venture based on Diaprocess). The company is a partner in localizing the production of Amgen and Roche drugs. In 2019, FarmEco and Roche announced the localization of the Okrevus blockbuster (okrelizumab) for the treatment of multiple sclerosis at Dobrolek facilities.

Ozon – Russian pharmaceutical company and one of the leaders of the domestic pharmaceutical market for the production of generics – analogs of patented ready-made medicines. GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards allow the company to produce high quality drugs that are available to a wide range of people.

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