R-Pharm and Varian Signed Agreement on Local Assembly of Halcyon™ Radiotherapy Systems

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Targeting increased access to advanced cancer care for patients in Russia, Fabrika RTT (part of R-Pharm Group) and Varian signed a strategic collaboration agreement for the local assembly of Halcyon™ radiotherapy systems. This five-year agreement for up to 200 Halcyon systems, is an expansion of the original agreement signed between the two companies in 2017 for the assembly of Varian Unique and Cliniac® iX systems for public hospitals in Russia.

The Halcyon system simplifies and enhances virtually every aspect of image-guided volumetric intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT), including improved patient comfort and shorter time from installation to the first treatment without sacrificing quality. The system is well suited to treat a majority of cancer patients, offering advanced treatments for lung, prostate, breast, head & neck, and many other forms of cancer.

The Halcyon system features a streamlined workflow that only requires nine steps from the start to the end of treatment compared to up to more than 30 steps with older technologies thereby reducing the total treatment time. To assist in the reduction of time and construction costs from installation to the first patient treatment, Halcyon offers expedited commissioning, requires less shielding than traditional systems, can fit in the majority of existing small vaults, and can be installed in two weeks or less.

In addition to the radiation therapy treatment systems, installation of the Varian ARIA® oncology information system and Eclipse™ treatment planning system is also included in the agreement. The first systems are estimated to be ready for installation in late 2019.

“In 2018 there were 624,709 new cancer cases in the Russian Federation,”

said R-Pharm’s president of the board Alexey Repik.

“This agreement provides the opportunity to accelerate the installation of advanced radiotherapy systems in public hospitals and increase the efficiency of the Russian healthcare.”

“We are proud of our long-term partnership with Fabrika aimed at increasing access to cancer care in Russia,”

said Jean-Luc Devleeschauwer, president, Varian Oncology Systems EMEIA.

“By extending our agreement to include these new Halcyon systems, both patients and clinicians stand to benefit as we continue moving closer to a world without fear of cancer.”

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