R-Pharm Starting Production of Abbvie’s Sevoran Analog

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Russian drugmaker R-Pharm is expanding its line of generics of original drugs by starting production of an analog of Sevoran (sevoflurane), which is an anesthetic produced by the US biopharma company AbbVie, reports The Pharma Letter’s local correspondent.

To date, R-Pharm has registered a generic of the drug under the Sevofluran brand name, planning to begin its full-scale production at its factory in the Russian city of Yaroslavl. The same facility currently conducts the secondary packaging of the original Sevoran drug in Russia.

In the case of AbbVie, the company announced localization of the production of Sevoran on the full-cycle basis in Russia at the facilities of R-Pharm in 2015. The launch of production is scheduled for 2020.

While representatives of R-Pharm do not see any conflict of interests with AbbVie in connection with its production of a generic of Sevoran, Russian analysts believe that the new generic drug may pose a threat for the sales of the original drug in the local market.

R-Pharm has already registered analogs of some foreign original drugs. For example, several months ago the company officially started sales of its antiretroviral drug atazanavir-TL, which is a generic of the original Reyataz (atazanavir) drug produced by the US pharma major Bristol-Myers Squibb (NYSE: BMY). That forced the latter to stop selling its drug in Russia at the beginning of the current year.

According to Russian analytics agency DSM Group, sales of Sevoran in Russia in 2018 increased by 9.7%, to 193.900 packages, which is equivalent to 1.8 billion roubles ($27.5 million). In January-June 2019, 84.400 packages of the drug were sold for 698.3 million roubles.