IMCoPharma Completed Registration Process of Metoclopramide in Uzbekistan

| By | IMCoPharma, Uzbekistan

Recently we informed you about completion of the registration of Metoclopramide HCl (produced by AMSA SpA, Italy) in Ukraine. Now, this API is available for our customers also in Uzbekistan where the registration process was also successfully completed.

Metoclopramide HCl is used for the manufacturing of tablets and solutions for the treatment of the symptoms of stomach disorders. Flecainide acetate is used for the production of tablets for the treatment of cardiovascular disorders and to restore and maintain normal heart rhythm.

IMCoPharma provides supplies of active pharmaceutical ingredients, excipients and final dosage forms manufactured by leading European pharmaceutical manufacturers. It also operates a licensed pharmaceutical warehouse in Russia, suitable for storage, handling, and distribution of the goods which passed through customs to countries of EAEU.

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