Belarus-Uzbekistan Pharma Company to Launch in 2020

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The local market launch of the products made by Belarus-Uzbekistan pharmaceutical company that is being set up in Uzbekistan is scheduled for 2020, BelTA learned from Acting Director General of Belpharmprom Holding Viktor Shein.

Belpharmprom Holding, the Agency for Development of Pharmaceutical Industry under the Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan and Fagusal (Uzbekistan’s company that sells wholesale pharmaceutical and medical products) signed a cooperation agreement on the sidelines of the 1st Forum of Regions of Belarus and Uzbekistan in Minsk. It is aimed at implementing a project to establish a joint venture to manufacture medicines in the form of pills and capsules.

Viktor Shein called this project transnational and strategic. The products are to be shipped to third countries, in particular, Afghanistan.

I think that next year, when the company will launch its products in Uzbekistan, we are highly likely to take part in bids in Afghanistan,

he said.

The company will be registered this year. The project caught the interest of many Belarusian manufacturers, said Viktor Shein.

At first, six Belarusian enterprises got involved, after that their number rose to nine and subsequently to eleven. Therefore, in order to make the right business plan, we should take into account the wishes of all stakeholders, since the production line and equipment to be installed depend on the product range,

he explained.

This way Belarusian manufacturers are going to secure their foothold on the market of Uzbekistan.

The most important thing is to meet the domestic needs of our good partner, Uzbekistan that does not produce the pharmaceuticals that we manufacture,

he added.

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