Sysmex Opened New Production Facility in Moscow Region

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Japanese Sysmex, the world leader in comprehensive solutions for in vitro diagnostics, particularly in hematology, flow cytometry and urinalysis, opened new production facility in Bogorodsky Industrial Park in Moscow Region. Clinical laboratory products for early diagnosis of diseases and determination of treatment courses to be produced there. The initial investments reached 143 million rubles. The total investments will amount up to 1 billion rubles.

In the Moscow Region Sysmex intends to produce various analyzers and reagents for medical laboratories. The company also plans to provide services based on advanced technologies and expertise in the field of laboratory testing, including development and implementation of software for laboratory information systems.

According to Deputy Chairman of the Moscow Region Government Vadim Khromov, the decision to open the first production phase was made after the meeting of the Moscow Region Governor Andrei Vorobyov and the Sysmex’s management in November 2017 during the presentation of the investment potential of the Russian region in Japan.

“To date, investment in the project amounted to about 143 million rubles, the volume of production will be about 15 thousand boxes of reagents per year. But the organization intends to expand, and we will offer the investor the most favorable terms of cooperation,”

Deputy Chairman of the Moscow Region Government Vadim Khromov added.

Sysmex Corporation became the second Japanese company to develop its activities in the Bogorodsky Industrial Park.

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