Spain’s Grifols Selected as Main Supplier for New Manufacturing Plant in Northern Africa

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Grifols, one of the world’s three top providers of plasma-derived medicines to treat life-threatening diseases, announced it has been selected by Soludia Maghreb, a provider of hemodialysis solutions headquartered in Morocco, as the main supplier for a new manufacturing plant in northern Africa.

Grifols will develop, build and automate the main process equipment for the IV solutions line. Grifols Engineering, which provides technology and consultancy services to the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors, will design a state-of-the-art manufacturing line that will produce intravenous solutions bags.

The plant is expected to begin operations next year.

This is the first industrial project for Grifols on the African continent.

“Grifols is extremely pleased with the partnership with Soludia Maghreb,”

said Victor Grifols Deu and Raimon Grifols, co-CEOs of Grifols.

“This project marks a milestone for Grifols Engineering in Africa and we look forward to continue providing our technology, known for its reliability and quality and safety standards, across the region in the years to come.”

Abdelaziz Rezkaoui, CEO of Soludia Maghreb, stated:

“Soludia Maghreb is delighted to close this deal with Grifols. This partnership is only the start of a long-term collaboration in Morocco and Africa.”

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