Ligand and SQ Innovation Announced Agreements for Use of Ligand’s Captisol® Technology

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Ligand Pharmaceuticals Incorporated and SQ Innovation AG announced that the two companies have entered into long-term, exclusive commercial license and supply agreements for use of Ligand’s Captisol® technology in the formulation of high-concentration furosemide for the treatment of edema in patients with heart failure.

SQ Innovation is developing a novel drug-device combination for cost-effective subcutaneous delivery of diuretics that currently require intravenous administration by a certified healthcare professional. Ligand is eligible to receive potential milestone payments and royalties, as well as revenue from materials sales of Captisol.

“Solubility challenges, such as those faced by furosemide, are precisely what our Captisol technology is designed to address. We are delighted to add SQ Innovation to our growing list of partner companies for our technology platforms, with more than 200 programs funded by partners, or Shots on Goal,”

said John Higgins, CEO of Ligand.

“A heart failure patient should not have to be in hospital to receive effective diuretic therapy for fluid overload,”

said Bertram Pitt MD, professor of medicine emeritus at the University of Michigan School of Medicine, Ann Arbor, MI.

“A treatment option that provides IV strength diuresis without the need for venous access would enable the development of novel strategies, which could reduce hospitalizations for HF with a resultant improvement in quality of life and a reduction in health care costs.”

“The novel Captisol-enabled furosemide formulation allows us to take advantage of the mature and cost-effective drug-delivery products of the diabetes/insulin space,”

said Pieter Muntendam MD, CEO of SQ Innovation AG.

“Once approved, this new furosemide option may reduce the economic and patient burden of heart failure in the U.S. and Europe.”