Integra LifeSciences in Partnership with Tissue Analytics

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Integra LifeSciences has announced a partnership with Tissue Analytics, an AI-powered software solution for wound assessment and monitoring. This collaboration brings together Integra LifeSciences’ expertise in developing wound repair products and Tissue Analytics’ digital capabilities in a clinical trial setting.

Modern clinical trials have moved from traditional paper forms to electronic data capture to enable better data accessibility, compliance, security, and organization. However, this trend is constrained by the lack of quality data available for wound assessment. Conditions, such as chronic wounds, burns, and pressure ulcers are routinely evaluated using only visual approximations and error-prone ruler measurements.

Tissue Analytics develops software solutions that use artificial intelligence to automatically and objectively extract high quality data from clinical images. The software has the added benefit of increasing productivity and reducing the costs associated with clinical trials.

By using Tissue Analytics’ objective data capture system in a multicenter, randomized, parallel-group study, Integra LifeSciences maintains the tradition of using industry-leading evidence-based practices in the products we bring to market.

Tissue Analytics helped us to conduct a highly objective study using their instantaneous wound measuring software. Additionally, we didn’t have to worry about training our research sites on a camera system or having that system malfunction right before randomization,

Jessica Knowlton,
Clinical Research Manager, said.

Partnering with Integra LifeSciences is very significant for Tissue Analytics. It indicates that industry leaders trust the Tissue Analytics’ technology as the standard of care wound assessment tool. We are honored that Integra is using the platform to validate the next generation of products that will ultimately benefit patients,

Kevin Keenahan,
CEO of Tissue Analytics, said.