Sandoz Agreed with Kit Check to Automate Restocking of Sandoz Products in the U.S.

| By | Sandoz, USA

Sandoz Inc, a Novartis division, announced that it has entered into an agreement with Kit Check, Inc., a leader in automated medication management solutions for hospitals, to automate the restocking of certain Sandoz products in hospitals in the United States.

By collaborating with Kit Check, Sandoz will be able to better understand how its medicines are used in hospitals, optimize the supply chain by leveraging real-time inventory reports for auto-replenishment, and track recalls and expirations of its products in hospital pharmacies. The solution provides upstream visibility for hospital pharmacies, helping to ensure that the right drug is in the right place, at the right time, for the right patient.

“Our agreement with Kit Check aligns to our goal of being the supplier of choice in the hospital space through our product offering and our institutional team presence combined with this technology solution,”

said Carol Lynch, President of Sandoz, Inc.

“Kit Check and Sandoz are synergistic in our effort to provide comprehensive solutions to hospital customers so they can be even better at supporting their healthcare staff and serve their patients safely and more efficiently.”

Kit Check is a leader in Radio-frequency identification (RFID)-based medication inventory tracking and automated tray processing in use at more than 500 hospitals in the U.S. and Canada. Its solutions blend powerful machine learning and advanced tracking technology to streamline medication inventory, workflow, and auditing processes and help hospital pharmacies cut costs, reduce risk, and get more done. Kit Check uses RFID tags to track each medication that passes through the hospital pharmacies. These tags are applied to the vials, syringes, bags, and other medication packages and supplies in trays and kits.

“This agreement with Sandoz is a significant step forward, reinforcing our long-term commitment to give customers visibility throughout the care continuum. Also, this collaboration will bring improvements for hospital pharmacists, by developing solutions that streamline operations, reduce risk and free up time for clinical work, which means better efficiency and safety for both pharmacists and patients,”

said Kevin MacDonald, CEO and co-founder of Kit Check.

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