Rights for Four Diagnostic Imaging Agents to be Transferred from Daiichi Sankyo to GE Healthcare

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Daiichi Sankyo Company, Limited and GE Healthcare have agreed that, Daiichi Sankyo will return the exclusive development and marketing rights in Japan for four approved diagnostic imaging agents to GE Healthcare and transfer marketing authorization rights in Japan to GE Healthcare Pharma Limited (GE Healthcare Pharma).   

The four diagnostic imaging agents to be transferred to GE Healthcare by Daiichi Sankyo are:

Product name Product description
Omnipaque® Nonionic X-ray contrast agent
Omniscan® Linear, nonionic magnetic resonance imaging contrast agent
Visipaque® Nonionic, iso-osmolar X-ray contrast agent
Sonazoid® Ultrasound contrast agent


Daiichi Sankyo and GE Healthcare have collaborated since 1987 when they started sales of Omnipaque® in Japan. Throughout this transfer, both companies are committed to continue providing reliable supply to medical facilities.

Based on this agreement, Daiichi Sankyo and GE Healthcare will closely collaborate on the transfer of marketing authorization rights which is expected to be complete in March 2020. GE Healthcare Pharma will then be responsible for all aspects of commercialization, regulatory, medical and safety of these products in Japan. Daiichi Sankyo will continue to distribute the products to drug whole sellers until March 2022, after which they will transfer these operations to GE Healthcare Pharma.

Through this transaction, GE Healthcare will strengthen its position as a leading medtech and diagnostics innovator at the center of an ecosystem striving for precision health. The company is working to improve quality of healthcare and bring more precise diagnoses for patients in Japan, the third largest contrast media market globally. Daiichi Sankyo will be increasing investments in its oncology pipeline in order to realize its 2025 vision of becoming a “Global Pharma Innovator with competitive advantage in oncology,” providing new treatment options to more patients faster.

SOURCE: daiichisankyo.com
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